Costume :Lara Croft
Source :Tomb Raider (reboot)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Wales Comic Con 2014

Costume Photos

Make-Up Test 0.1

The generic costume photo!


Costume Information

Cost : £2
Time Taken : 2 hours

2 Vest Tops - White and light blue
Combat Trousers - Green
Holster - Dark brown leather
Gun - Black revolver
Waterproof Watch - Black and yellow
Walkie Talkie - Black and Yellow
Belt - Brown Leather
Necklace - Green gem on brown string
So even though I do not own a PS3 or a XBox 360, I go to a sixth form college where most of the people in my room play a LOT of games. I'm a Tomb Raider fan myself, but only having a Wii is rather...limiting. But I really love the look of the new game, and this new costume means I can cosplay her without worrying about my boobs (or lack thereof) and showing too much leg.



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Looks great! im gonna struggle with cuts and scrapes for my Nate Drake... :) oh and I can't wait for the 5th March to play this game!

by southafrimike on Wednesday, 6 February, 2013 - 08:23

To-Do List

Plan & practise make upHighComplete
Make necklaceHighIn Progress
Buy vest tops/combats/bootsHighIn Progress
Make holster (BUY GUN FIRST)HighPlanned
Buy gun & paint if nesasaryMediumPlanned
Make Bow - See saved tutorial and journal.MediumPlanned
Buy watch and find Wilkie Talkie.LowPlanned

Shopping List

Fimo (for necklace)£2.00Bought
Boots/Vest Tops/Combats£20.00To Buy
Bow Materials (coat hangers/card/foam/paint/primer)£10.00To Buy
Holster Materials (pleather/studs)£5.00To Buy
Gun£5.00To Buy
Watch£2.00To Buy


The STRESSSSsSsSsSsS (Posted 7th February 2013)

So as you can probably tell I'm freaking out a tad. In a good way though, I suppose. My fimo arrived so I can, as of now, make some progress. Aka, her necklace. But I've been looking at breakdowns of the costume and trying to work out which factors i want to use. I think I'll make the bow and possible the quiver, and have found tutorial for those, both mainly for show though, so they won't be too impressive. I'll have to make to holster, but I've found a fantastic tutorial on for that - I highly recommend that website for any aspiring Lara cosplayers. And just going to buy a gun and paint it, because let's be honest, what Lara Croft cosplay is complete without a gun of some sorts?

In other news, I've decided to make her bigger gun and maybe the ice tool as a later project, just to enhance the costume a bit.

Make-Up Test 0.1 (Posted 5th February 2013)

I'm so so so so so happy with how this turned out! XD
Didn't need much professional stuff to do this with just a steady hand and a streak of perfectionism.