Costume :San
Source :Princess Mononoke
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013

Costume Photos

Something seen Beyond

Watching in the Distance

Hidden in the Willows

Kawaii Desu








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Costume Information

Cost : 33.12
Time Taken : 56 Hours (2 Weeks Approximately)

I absolutely love Studio Ghibli, who doesn't? And I've always wanted to do a cosplay from a Studio Ghibli film. But not a lot of the character designs really 'resonated' with me, although they were all beautiful. Then I remembered Princess Mononoke. Beautiful film, beautiful characters. It was also a good test on my new sewing machine, and my optimistic time limit.

So with a little help from my friend AlienQueen I set off to wholly make San Mononoke. And to be honest, there weren't many bumps along the way. The dress was pretty easy to make, as was the top, my mask was a little harder, but with gradual layering (paper macher) it started to really come together.

I really enjoyed making this cosplay and seeing it evolve through my photos and through my own progress. I had a little fallback (accidentally left the mask out in the rain) but luckily no permanent damage was done. And I also learned that I still suck at painting things XD.

I dirtied myself up for the actual day, and the costume was an absolute success. So many people approached me for photos and complimented my cosplay. It was such a great confidence boost, especially for a first fully made cosplay. And my Mononoke boots (borrowed from Mum) were super comfy so I had little to no achy feet towards the end of the day. But I definitely, DEFINITELY want to wear it again, possibly at Aya, just for better foresty photos.


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Another San cosplayer:D can't wait to see this(: good luck(:

by Amehhful on Saturday, 11 May, 2013 - 18:35
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Good luck, I'd love to see pictures as I'm not going to May MCM!!

by Afireinsidegirl on Sunday, 12 May, 2013 - 07:24

To-Do List

Pearl/shale earrings and headbandHighComplete
PVA Glue and Newspaper mask to give a more rounded effect.MediumComplete
Make fluffeh TailMediumComplete
Sew fur onto top & Fit mask onto fur.LowComplete
Sew dress togetherLowComplete
Make bone necklace. LowComplete
Buy Blue and White material for outfit. LowComplete
Buy Mask & PaintsLowComplete
Paint EVERYTHINGLowComplete

Shopping List

blue dress material£7.97Bought
Leather straps£1.38Bought
Shell earrings£4.99Bought
Cream fur material£13.99Bought
Cream plain material £4.79Bought


Done! (Posted 21st May 2013)

So I'm finished! Put the last paint layers on Yesterday (eyes earths and mouth) and earlier this evening I slathered PVA glue onto the top of the mask, cut some slits into my specially cut fur and fitted it onto the back of the mask. Can't say 100% for sure it it has worked but right now it certainly looks like it has!

Last few bits (Posted 19th May 2013)

Just been doing the last few bits and pieces for Mononoke San. I spray painted the mask yesterday, after building up the ears by using more paper mache and foam. Need to coat it again as you can still see the newspaper through some parts of the paint.

Also sewed together the headband and repainted the tooth necklace. Then I threaded the necklace through some black rope and sewed it onto the cloaks. The tail has also been added to the cloak and now all I have to do is literally finish painting the mask and then glue the rest of the fur onto the back of the mask. Yay ^o^.

Mask Progress & Capetastic! (Posted 13th May 2013)

So after about a week and a half, with lots of time, peely glue fingers and one near miss (where I left my mask out in the sun, which turned to rain, and then forgot about it) I am nearly there! Yes at the moment it looks a bit like a piggy, NEVERMIND! Hopefully it'll look better when I put the fur around it and paint it (probably not in that order). Used mesh for the eyeholes so that it gives that 'realistic feel' and I've made it out of two basic cardboard face masks bought from ye oldy craft shop.

Also made the cloak yesterday! Yaaay! The fabric/fur I bought for it is absolutely gorgeous and I had to physically stop myself from rolling in the stuff before I actually started pinning. Had a few teething problems (accidentally sewed the wrong side but quickly realised my mistake) but it turned out absolutely fantastic. Just need to add poppers to the cloak to attach to my top, and the little extra tail bit on the end and we'll be pretty much done with the body of San!

Back from a productive day ^^ (Posted 11th May 2013)

Yesterday I went round a friend's house (AlienQueen*) who is awesome and amazing. She helped me to sew and make my San dress and cream top, which I am incredibly pleased with <3. Took a couple hours, we used another dress of mine as a base and one of her shirt patterns for the top. It's pretty baggy but works well.

We were lazy and didn't hem a lot of the fabric but it really works to my advantage as San has that sort of roughly-made look about her outfit. I need to slash it up a little at the edges and at the bottom of the dress but otherwise mainly done ^^.

Now to finish my mask, which I have been seriously working on this week XD. Finished the eye holes and the mouth, put gauze over the eyes (as I bought a plain mask and worked over that). Now I just need to add the ears which I will build onto the back of the mask, and then paint it. Got some beautiful material for San's hood and cloak so am looking forwards to that <3.

*AlienQueen's Pag -

Starting out again finally (Posted 3rd February 2013)

Finally decided on a Cosplay for this may's London Expo. Yay ^^, it's San from Princess Mononoke. I have some leftover material from my Merle Cosplay so hopefully that'll be enough to make her cape/hood thingy. Need to find a good base mask, I'll be looking in craft shops for that soon. Also I have sorted out the shoes by looking through my mother's vast collection xD. Shoes are one of the most awkward things for me to find so glad that's out of the way.

Hmnn, to use my own hair and cut it or get a wig? Not sure yet. Overall this should be a pretty cheap, but effective Cosplay to do. Am looking forwards to it! And might even get me an Ashitaka if I'm lucky!