Costume :Frenzy
Variant :Humanized [First Version]
Source :Transformers
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Frenzy update


Costume Information

Cost : Will be around 120...maybe less...

A cosplay planned for May Conventions in Germany with Samwhitewolf as Cade (Barricade).
I am looking forward to the cosplay couples...together with him! ^-^

The Outfits are designed by meeee :)
Cade will be worn by samwhitewolf
and I will make Frenzy,Bee(2nd version) and Kate(My version of cade)
for myself ....:D
But they will also be worn together with Cade....
I can´t wait!!! But the money need to.... : | *poker face*


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Looking good my love! Can't wait for May <3

by samwhitewolf on Tuesday, 16 April, 2013 - 17:11

To-Do List

Find the first wig and get it bought HighComplete
Buy gogglesHighComplete
Make gloves/teeth etc wonderflex stuffMediumComplete
Buy choker with spikesMediumComplete
Prepare gogglesMediumComplete
Make shorts and rough them up (+ legwarmers)MediumComplete
Edit and Prepare Jeans VestMediumComplete

Shopping List

Light Grey JeansVest£5.00Bought
Grey Spiky Wig£18.00Bought
Spikes...(mostly for goggles)£3.70Bought
Goggles £10.00Bought
Random fabric£13.00Bought
Chains£10.00To Buy


Styled Wig (Posted 4th May 2013)

just a style test now... have to fix it perfectly for con then...
wanted to do it CLEAN first... the spikes... but I am not able to :/
maybe cuz of the wig too?
its messy in the back
but ok I guess

Wig arrived and finished goggles (Posted 4th May 2013)

well.. special thanks for my manfriend samwhitewolf for sending me the wig... arrived today...(FINALLY) I am very happy with it... it has big spaces between the hair raws but... still feels thick! Oo
but not a problem its super good quality! (bought from
Well.. and you can also see the goggles there..finished
I didnt upload pics about them but...anyway they are finished now ;)

Gotta try to style the wig now.
only thing missing then:
Probably makin small mask.
buyin and cutting chains.

Painted claws (Posted 20th April 2013)

painted them...

Claws/Teeth out of wonderflex (Posted 18th April 2013)

Today... I worked at the claws for frenzy! And also did the teeth!
Looks kinda derpy...and more liky megatron derpa herpa but at least it worked out quite well even through its the first time I work with wonderflex!

Cut the shirt and sew the fabric (Posted 17th April 2013)

k... got a day off because of illness... so I used the time so continue Frenzy!
Well... cut the long XL Shirt I got short arms and shorted at the bottom.
I sew the "gloves" and the piece for under the goggles... I actually think this would look cool as frenzy... even through he has got a shiny futuristic style but... it fits his character so... hope it looks good =)
next step: wonderflex

Spikes on goggles and vest + choker (Posted 16th April 2013)

choker arrived with some spikes... well took some work to get the "holes" into the goggles but worked with help of scissors because they already had like.. little air thingies at the sides... well but 4 spikes on it and 3 on each shoulder (still got 2...would be too much haha and u never know when u loose one!)
choker with ring for the chain (choker ♥♥♥)
and yop... still waiting now, for wonderflex to make the frenzy eyes on the goggles and the other stuff....
gotta get some blue foil or glass paint for the glasses of the goggles :D

Goggles arrived (Posted 15th April 2013) goggles arrived... made a little sketch per SAI
well they are quite awesome, now waiting for wonderflex and my other packages... which include the choker and the spikes for the goggles and maybe the vest.
Still thinking I can make it look blue... in a CHEAP (not expensive) way xD

Painted the clothes (Posted 14th April 2013)

Because you can´t buy stuff in germany at sundasy (everything closed) I used the time to rough of the clothes I already got for frenzy and paint them with black acryl paint (to make it look more dirty and not that clean etc...make more contrast)
Well now waiting for the next week :D

Made the shorts etc (Posted 13th April 2013)

I just took my old grey trousers and cut it to shorts... they were already ripped and roughed up I sew them so they don´t get destroyed ...more!!... well out of the rest I made pieces which are coming out of the boots like legwarmers ... well here we are
tried to rough the vest up too... but that thing is fu**ing indestructible... ._."

Light Grey JeansVest (Posted 6th March 2013)

My jeans vest it for only 2€! ( postage..)
Ebay ftw :)
Well its good... not my size a bit bigger... but I think it fits quite well...
I really like the colour!! Hope they will fit together too ...later xD