Costume :Luke Fon Fabre
Source :Tales of the Abyss
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Been playing TOA recently and decided I would try this costume again. I'm not too fond of the Tales of series, but I really enjoy TOA and hopefully it wont take long to make this costume.


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coatHighIn Progress
under topMediumComplete
footwearMediumIn Progress


more progress (Posted 17th April 2013)

Started cutting the front of the jacket to the correct shape. because i didn't extend out the front pannels it's a bit difficult to get it right. I think it might still be a bit too long on the chest area, but I don't want to expose too much either. I think I still have to cut some more off to open it up more then I just have to add the bias. Unfortunatly the store only had 5 metres so i hope that will cover it, but I think i am gonna need some more.

getting started (Posted 20th March 2013)

This weekend was the first brek from work and college I have had in a while, so I used it to get started on my Luke costume. At the minute I have sut out the pattern and hand stished it. I still need to figure out how much of the front and back pannels to take away so it flares out like Lukes. Once i've done than I can go get my Bias from Leeds.

It also need cutting shorter as I made it a bit too long. I keep stepping on it when I walk.