Costume :Meryl Silverburgh
Variant :MGS 1
Source :Metal Gear Solid
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

First Shots

First Shots

First Shots

First Shots


Costume Information

I really like Meryl she is an awesome character ...well in the first game ;)
This cosplay is planned for (probably)the London Expo in october when I will visit my bfriend to derp around.
Snoyke and Merly!! DerpTeam ;)


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Looking great :) I absolutely love the wig and arm pieces

by Zelvyne on Tuesday, 29 January, 2013 - 13:13
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looking awsome as Meryl ^^

by nanahara on Tuesday, 29 January, 2013 - 18:21
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The wig is gorgeous <3 This cosplay is shaping up awesomly even though it's only the test shots it looks brilliant :) You really suit her :)

by gaming_goddess on Sunday, 3 February, 2013 - 02:42

I'll tell my Sniper Wolf to be gentle....just the kneecaps :p
excited to see you as meryl and your boy as snake! see you in october!

by CyanideCustard on Thursday, 14 February, 2013 - 12:46
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Looking awesome!!
Would be more than happy to mind control you! :p

by Phantom.Mantis on Friday, 26 April, 2013 - 21:26

To-Do List

Re-style wig.HighIn Progress
KneepadMediumIn Progress
Make bandagesMediumPlanned
BeltLowIn Progress
Make KnifeLowPlanned
make fangirl bookLowPlanned

Shopping List

Buy Boots£20.00To Buy
Knife Sheet£10.00To Buy
Desert Eagle£25.00To Buy