Costume :Felicia
Variant :Midnight Bliss
Source :DarkStalkers
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Cost : 11

For Raine and X'amd's extended Darkstalkers group. I was going to be Q-bee, but I figured out how to make the wings and then lost interest in actually making it; plus Odangochan is hopefully going to be Q-bee with us.

So, I decided to be another character instead... I was swithering between Felicia's and Rikuo's Midnight Bliss forms, but as I already have a nice blue wig to use as a base and about a meter of white fake fur leftover from my panto days (pre-cosplay... so donkeys' years ago), plus wire and stuffing from last Aya's tail making antics. I also bought a lot of white cotton for something else and don't actually need it all (it was more cost effective to buy a whole roll for the amount I do need); I have blue dye kicking about from a costume I ended up not doing ages ago and could get away with using my Ariel "Kiss the Girl" shoes if I can't find another suitable pair; so all I have to actually buy for Felicia is a pair of gloves to dye and a hairband... which I have done. Sorted. Felicia wins.

Also, it's the same dress pattern/corsetry I need to work out for Jessica Rabbit, which I plan to finally do in 2014 or 2015 anyway. So this is good practice for that. :)

I might still do Rikuo (with a bodysuit of course) at some stage as well, we'll see.


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