Costume :Ryo Sakurai
Variant :Picture story
Source :Kuroko no Basuke
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Picture story part... dunno XD



Costume Information

Cost : £20
Time Taken : 1 day XD

Budget cosplay much? =b

For a big Kuroko picture story shoot! <3

People who know me well, I seriously say sorry way too much (Even when I haven't done anything wrong OTL) So off the bat I related to the 'apologetic mushroom' well XD

Btw my face will be exactly like the middle image cos my Kazamatsu and Teppei look amazing so I really hope I can pull this off ^^; Either way bring on the shoot and Okonomiyaki madness! <3

UPDATE 06/03/13

The photoshoot was chaos! Everyone was lovely but trying to mimic picture story poses was not easy .. didn't make it any better it was cold and rainy but we all survived and I finally got at least one photo up with the most terrified expression ever XD


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most adorable mushroom-kun ever. can't wait to see this next weekend!! <3

by soibro on Wednesday, 30 January, 2013 - 15:39
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Adorbs. So hyped for this 8D

by street-angel on Wednesday, 30 January, 2013 - 16:10


Wig (Posted 30th January 2013)

The colour was a bit of a pain to find with this dude. And you wouldn't believe how ridiculously long the bangs were XD After I hacked it, it now has a slight bob cut to it which I'm not too sure on ... Will trim it a little later if I'm really bothered by it :/

Budget cosplay IS BUDGET (Posted 27th January 2013)

Exactly as described ... I brought a cheap ass t-shirt (which is slightly see through) and a simple pair of white shoes XD The shorts I put together in a day using cream coloured cotton than a lemon yellow cos I couldn't find the right colour OTL

*re-upload to change photo*