Costume :Black Rock Shooter
Source :Black Rock Shooter
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013

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Black Rock Shooter reference


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Really looking forward to cosplaying her in May, I adore her design. It's also helping me with my confidence as I'm very self-conscious and anxcious about showing skin with my cosplays, hopefully it'll be nice and warm with the weather as well :).


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Hey, there needs to be more love in the world for Black Rock Shooter, good luck with the costume.We have a group if you fancy joining us on Saturday, also I have a pair of shorts up for sale perfect for BRS if you are interested :3

by Combustible Lime on Tuesday, 22 January, 2013 - 15:59
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I would love to do a duo cosplay. Rin x Mato/BRS

by xxvelocityxz on Tuesday, 12 March, 2013 - 21:17