Costume :Cheetara
Source :Thundercats
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Birmingham MCM Expo 2013

Costume Photos

Memorabilia 2013

Photo credit to David Hancock

Photo credit to David Hancock.

Photo by Darren Rowley Photography.

Going on an adventure with Finn

Photo credit to Shinigami Photography

Photo credit to Gemma Anne Read - LSCC 2013

LOVE these contacts but I've bought some more red/black ones that aren't cat eyes.. these twist onto



Costume Information

I'm making her look more realistic.


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by Ikkaku-kun on Wednesday, 23 January, 2013 - 22:46
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OMG YES XD all the childhood feels ^^

by nanahara on Wednesday, 23 January, 2013 - 22:50
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this looks amazing so far, so much epic in one costume :D

by Methos on Wednesday, 23 January, 2013 - 23:16
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love the make up :)

by J-Po on Wednesday, 23 January, 2013 - 23:49
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EXCITE! Loving the make-up test.

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 24 January, 2013 - 16:11
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Looking really good so far ^^ Cannot wait to see it finished, keep up the good work :)

by HowlingSilverWolf on Friday, 1 February, 2013 - 19:04
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Looks amazing.

by Tony-Jay on Friday, 1 February, 2013 - 22:15
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This is going to be awesome!

by sjbonnar on Friday, 8 February, 2013 - 11:11
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So far so good Kate. :)

If this goes well, do you think you'd be tempted to do the new Cheetara from the re-boot?

by eva_fan on Monday, 11 February, 2013 - 21:14
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by Inuyoku on Monday, 11 February, 2013 - 23:36
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wow, looks absolutely amazing... fantastic job on this :D

by Methos on Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 - 17:23
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Looks great! Whats it like to see through those lenses?

by Ranma1-2 on Sunday, 17 February, 2013 - 16:38
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Fine :) Sometimes I see a bit of red but other than that I can see no probs. I've got new lenses now as the cat eye ones swizel onto there side & look a bit stupid but they are still red :)

by Inuyoku on Tuesday, 19 February, 2013 - 13:13
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ahh yes I see, the new lenses look Fab too. Great Cosplay. :)

by Ranma1-2 on Monday, 4 March, 2013 - 20:55
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Wonderful! Especially love how you've got the spots in the hair <3

by Amy-Lou on Monday, 18 March, 2013 - 22:00
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Looks fab - the hair looks especially cool :-)

by puzzledpenguin on Tuesday, 19 March, 2013 - 22:13

To-Do List

Wig SpotsMediumPlanned
Face PaintLowComplete
Thundercat's LogoLowPlanned
Other bits I cba to keep typingLowPlanned

Shopping List

Face Paint + Brushes£8.89Bought
More facepaint£5.70Bought
Contact Lenses£16.00Bought


Boots + fur (Posted 19th February 2013)

Most people will question why I've lined the tops of the boots with fur as she doesn't have that in the cartoon. I'm trying to bring Cheetara into the real world a little bit more and not look too much like a static cartoon xD. However I still want to keep it very loyal to the 80's costume. Ok maybe the fact I absolutely LOVE (faux) fur may have something to do with it ;)

Wig (Posted 18th January 2013)

I love my wig the style is perfect except I could of done with it having a fringe so I could do pushed it back for some more oomph, oh well! I've cut some shorter layers on top so they're easier to poof up! Also cut a good few inches off the length.