Costume :Lady Loki
Variant :Arctic Fox Coat
Source :Marvel/Avengers/Thor
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Dat Coat. This is going to cost me around £200-ish to make just the coat, so I plan to wear it a lot! I'm going to use it over a number of different Lady Loki Costumes (black dress, comicsverse, Jotunn, etc.) and I'll probably pap Zomboi in it over his Loki cosplay(s) at some point too. I really want pics of this in the snow so aiming to make this for an October Expo (2013 if I can afford it, 2014 if not), so it'll be ready for full-on wintertime. This is just part of my eventual plan to cosplay all of the Lady Loki costumes ever... lol. I just love how much of a badass trickster he/she is. :D


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