Costume :Alois Trancy
Source :Kuroshitsuji
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Will hopefully wear this on the Sunday during My:Närcon in Stockholm, Sweden. If my wig arrives here in time that is; it has been lost somewhere between here and China.

This was an unexpected character for me to cosplay, to say the least… At first, I hated Alois (poor Hannah); but now because of a cosplayer from the US... I’ve found myself liking him a whole lot. That cosplayer made me change my mind while I re-watched Kuroshitsuji for the hundred time. He's quite the character... So I just have to.
Besides, I'm short, he's short. We're perfect for each other, in other words. End of story.


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To-Do List

WaistcoatHighIn Progress
Style the wigLowPlanned

Shopping List

Buttons for the coat and waistcoat£0.00Bought
Fabric for the waistcoat£0.00Bought
Fabric for the shorts£0.00Bought
Purple fabric for the coat£0.00Bought
Blue contact lenses£0.00To Buy
Fabric and buttons for the shirt£0.00To Buy


Tha shoes has arrived! And the ring and a pair of stockings. (Posted 25th October 2013)

And are by far my most beloved shoes yet. Yes, I’m not fond of high heels, it makes you feel like a gal – which I don’t like feeling. But seriously, it’s so worth it. Just look at ‘em shoes (though, my photo doesn't give them justice)! It took me forever to find a seller that actually sold brown shoes for Alois and not some greyish or blackish ones. These shoes made my life complete, to say the least.
Though, since they were rather expensive I will take them to a local shoemaker to fix them up at a few parts before I start to use them for real. After all, I don’t want those shoes to die on me, because they’re so fabulous and I want them to last me a lifetime.
I’ll most likely change the ribbon and bows later on, because these are in a rather light shade of purple and my coat will be rather dark compared to them. So I want them to match each other. I’ve some dark purple satin laying around that I could use, or if I get any leftovers after making the coat I could use that. We’ll have to wait and see; but I will change them nonetheless.

Also, the ring has arrived too, it's gorgeous and fits me perfectly.

Lastly, a few days before the shoes arrived my stockings came around too. I’m not entirely sure though if they’ll work to have for Alois, or if I should buy some tights or something and “slay”. We’ll see once the shorts are finished whether or not I’ll use them.