Costume :Grell Sutcliff
Variant :Shinigami
Source :Kuroshitsuji
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Awards : Best props during Peppcon 2013
Time Taken : On and off for about four or five months.

Because Grell is an awesome character and because my friends talked me into making Grell before any of the other characters from Kuroshitsuji that I want to cosplay.
Why refuse? He might not be one of my favourite characters, but he's sure as hell one amazing character nonetheless. Not to mention that it's so much fun to cosplay him (if you ignore a tangled wig after a day at a convention, damn I hate long wigs but at the same time I love them).

Three photo shoots planned for this costume, but we'll see when that happens. Two of them will have to wait until this upcoming spring.


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To-Do List

Re-make the pearls and skulls for the glassesHighComplete
Red cover for the shoesHighComplete
Chainsaw/Death scytheHighComplete
Gloves, I shall try to make my own even though I've a pair that I got from a second hand store.HighIn Progress
Leather straps for the upper arms.MediumComplete
Sebas-chan plushMediumComplete

Shopping List

Paper for the signatures in my book where I'll add my "to die"-list, I should have everything else.£0.00Bought
Various small details that I'm too lazy to mention what it is, lol.£0.00Bought
Fabric for the plush£0.00Bought
Wig head (so I can style the wig, lol)£0.00Bought
Buttons for the waistcoat£0.00Bought
Buttons for the coat£0.00Bought
Pearls and chain's for the chain.£0.00Bought
Material for the chainsaw£0.00Bought
Material for the teeth£0.00Bought
Fabric for the trousers£0.00Bought
Fabric for the waistcoat (will order asap)£0.00Bought
Fabric for the coat£0.00Bought
Fabric for the shirt£0.00Bought


The start of a book (Posted 31st May 2013)

Hand bound books are art, history if you’d like to see it as that. I found my way to the world of making books during early 2012… And since Grell can be seen with a book where he has the lists of those whose souls he’s supposed to collect I’ve decided to make it.
I’ve yet to decide how I should decorate it though. But for now I’ve started with the base for it.

Unfortunately it won't be as amazing as the two Death Note's I made last year due to the simple fact that I don't have a cutting machine (which are expencive and I won't be able to buy one of those until I'm half dead) to trim the edges with, so it will turn out a tad... Childish... Lol.

Oh and by the way, I’m self-taught with making books; so I’ve no idea if I’m doing things the correct way like they used to when books only were made by man and not machines like they’re today. The only help I’ve had was when I asked a person on youtube about what glue one should use while making them. Other than that I’ve simply studied my own old books here at home (sadly I’ve one that has fallen apart after a 90 years old life, so it’s easy to see on that one how it was made).

Shirt (Posted 9th May 2013)

My worst nightmare is to make things for the upper part of the body, especially shirts (because I failed miserable with the first shirt I ever made last year, so this was just my second attempt to make one)… So I was in short very afraid of starting to make this one... I simply bought a new pattern (I had one from last year, but I don't trust that pattern any longer), and tried as hard as I could to get it right… And can I just say that I didn’t expect it to turn out as good as it did…? People have asked me “Are you kidding me? This shirt looks like you’ve bought it.” and similar things; they simply take it for granted that I've bought it - and no, I'm not lying, why would I? I can even tell you exactly all the places where it isn't quite right. I believe that I'm allowed to say that this is the part I’m the most pleased with of my costume. Well, at least one of the parts, the one part of the clothing that I'm the most pleased with.

It’s made in some thin cotton fabric that I found in the fabric store. Which worked just fine for it, if you ask me.

I'm sorry that I don't have any photos of the finished shirt, so you'll have to deal with the lone two photos that I remembered to photograph while I worked with it (I got so caught up in the making of it that I forgot about photographing my progress of it).

More details finished. (Posted 25th April 2013)

The leather bands for the upper arms are now finished. I can admit that I had quite some trouble trying to find something to use as a bucket for them. All of a sudden my fabric store stopped selling them and I kind of panicked, lol.

Have also started to try to come up with a good way to make his teeth.

Waistcoat (Posted 23rd April 2013)

To tell you the truth I’m still quite the newbie when it comes to sewing… The first time in my life that I sewed clothes was back in school during 2005, the second time here at home during October 2010… After that I never sewed any clothes until I began to cosplay in the end of May 2012. So as you can tell, I still have a whole lot to learn and I’m trying my best to learn from my previous mistakes as well as I’m trying to improve with every single thing I sew.

So for the waistcoat I made the pattern from scratch, probably a bad decision since I’m better when it comes to making patterns for plushies, not clothes. But I think it turned out quite well in the end after all. Yana’s illustrations is quite the huge help to make patterns for the cosplay clothes, if it weren’t for those I would probably still be trying to make the pattern for it.

As for the part with sewing it all together… Well… This is the best I can do right now, but it’s still better than what I had hoped for with my current sewing skills, so I think that I’ll say that I’m pleased with it.

The brown fabric that I used for it is polycotton. I really fell in love with it when I tried to decide which fabric I should buy for the waistcoat. I know that it’s slightly… “shiny”… and that it has some black-silverish stripes, but I liked that and thought it would add a personal touch to the costume (and make it a little unique compared to other Grell cosplayer’s clothes). The collar was made with some old gabardine that I found in the attics and inside the waistcoat it’s just some black lining.

Trousers (Posted 12th April 2013)

Trousers are probably the one thing that I think is just as easy as plushies to sew… - That was my thought before I started with these trousers. And I don’t have those thoughts in my head any longer. Why? Well, in my opinion they turned out like crap because I was too scared to alter the pattern all too much. They're much too large over the waist and is just ugly, the only good thing about them was that I learned a whole lot while making them. So I’ll make new ones, for sure.

Once again I’m using the black gabardine that I found in the attics, so these trousers only cost me about 15 SEK to make, lol (that’s what the zipper cost me).

(Beware of crappy photos once again)

Ne, Sebas-chan... (Posted 16th March 2013)

I decided to make my Sebas-chan plush while I had fever during the past three days. My interest to sew started with plushies, so I felt rather confident that I could pull him off even though I had fever; Sebas-chan is a simple plush after all.
He's completely hand sewed because I wanted him to look like he's falling apart.

Material used for him; fleece, nylon thread, yarn, buttons, polyester stopping, dired peas and acrylic paint.

I beg your pardon for the crappy photo, I promise that I'll photograph some proper photos of all the details that I'll make for Grell as soon as I've everything finished. So for now I hope you can survive with just this photo.

A late update with some finished stuff (Posted 13th March 2013)

Well, first off, sorry about the lack of updates... I’ve as a habit to not transfer less than 20 photos from my camera to the computer at a time (I actually prefer to transfer at least 50-100 photos at once)...

Anyhow, I finished both the bowtie and the new pearls for the glasses three weeks ago (or something like that).

(I’ll leave it for you guys to decide if the pearls and skulls I made are better or worse compared to the ones I got with the glasses, I for one like them better, partly because I made them slightly longer than before and because I think my odd combination of colours on the small pearls adds a personal touch to the entire thing)

Chain (Posted 21st February 2013)

The picture to the left shows the “base” that I made for the chain and to the right is the finished one. I simply used some of the chains that I bought two years ago (or something like that), pearls, carbine hooks and wire to make it.

Bow-tie progress. (Posted 21st February 2013)

Some work in progress photos from today's and last night’s work with the bow-tie. I decided to use white satin ribbon and red satin ribbon to make it.

Picture one is supposed to show when I add the red ribbon to one of the sides, the two following pictures shows the moment after I added the red ribbon to the other side as well. And at last, the bow-tie right now.

I still have to burn the edges though (and cut the excess ribbon off), so it’s not finished yet.

All the fabrics for the clothes bought. (Posted 9th February 2013)

I bought the last fabrcs for Grell's clothes earlier today (though, I’m still waiting on the brown fabric for the waistcoat, but it will hopefully arrive within a five days/a week due to that I ordered it from Germany (and it appears that they haven't sent it yet, so I guess that they're quite busy with many orders at the moment)). Well, in truth I still have to buy some black ribbon or something to the edges of the coat, but I've decided to buy that when I know how much I need.

As of now my main focus will be this cosplay; it's Grell's turn to have my full attention for now.