Costume :Sailor Chibi Moon
Variant :Super
Source :Sailor Moon
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Cost : £72

To go with Yuka as Sailor Moon as our parade costumes for World Cosplay Summit in Japan!!

Chibiusa is a little brat, but she's undeniably cute and these costumes match super nicely as something light and fun to do for WCS <3 that and with it being the 25th Anniversary of Sailor Moon, there's no better time to do it!

The wig is going to be made from scratch after an eBay disaster, which will prove interesting.. wig styling is hardly my forte, but hopefully it'll turn out alright (and at the very least, the right colour)!!


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CUUUUUUUTE!! Love sailor chibi moon

by otakugirl on Monday, 7 January, 2013 - 21:17


Wig Troubles! (Posted 6th February 2013)

Okay, so Chibiusa was initially chosen as a relatively "simple" costume, but it looks like nothing is ever simple..!

I ordered the prestyled Chibiusa wig from Ayanamisatoru on eBay with high hopes and when it arrived it was nothing like the picture. Or it was, but not to my standard, especially not for WCS. The colour was much paler than the picture and a little more yellowy, net was showing under the pigtails and behind the odangos, the odangos were loose, etc etc and overall, I wasn't happy with it. Don't get my wrong, if this was just a throwaway costume I'd probably had tried to fix it up instead, but for a WCS standard I wasn't happy so it was promptly returned..

..so instead this wig is being made from scratch from 2x "Alex" in Pink from Coscraft. Depending on the volume of the wig, I may even add an extra one for the pigtails, but I'm going to work with the 2 for now and see how it goes. The picture provided through Coscraft is a little bit brighter than the wig IRL, but definately the same kind of 'candy pink' I'm after for Chibiusa!

I'm going to try start working on the wig asap, but at the very least now I have the correct colour I can go fabric shopping for the sailor-fuku now!