Costume :Otoya Ittoki
Variant :Stage
Source :Uta no Prince-sama ~Maji Love 1000%~
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon 2014

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.:Nanami and Ittoki:.

.:Singer and Composer:.






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Time Taken : 1 Month

Put this off for ages, even though I wanted to get this done about a year ago...I'm gonna stick to ittoki, seeing as he seems pretty simple...gotta find some fabric and trousers, though...woo


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Tiff! We need to wear our Utapiri cosplays on the same day and get a photo!

by Staley-Stuff on Thursday, 14 March, 2013 - 23:10
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Looks great!

by InfiniteJester on Sunday, 31 March, 2013 - 17:20


.:Wrist Band:. (Posted 31st March 2013)

This eas easy enough, but needed two attempts to make it right.
I ended up buying a studden choker from a party shop in Nottingham and shortened it to fit around my wrist without the velcro on. Second attempt went right, so I'll just explain that.
A simple, thick strip of thin jersey was cut out. Chose jersey from my friend's Banette hoodie, seeing as jersy would be stretchy and easier to fit around the wrist/hand area. Before I hemmed it, I had to sew the studded choker to it in as exact a position as I could get it and THEN I hemmed the bastard and sewed it together.
It looks mildly impressive, at least pft

.:Trousers:. (Posted 31st March 2013)

This is all complete now, but I'm gonna make seperate journals for each section now, okay, thanks, bye.
The trousers were stolen/borrowed/requested off my mother and they feel like I think they're old pjamas, but oh well, they're comfy.
I then sewed on strips of blue fabric to mark the tassles and then made MORE...FUCKING...TASSLES.
Half way through, I ended up running out of thread so had to buy more yesterday and quickly finished it today and tried it on.
The tassles looked like some kind of production line, I'm not even kidding, my mother came in and burst out laughing because it just looked so amusing to her. One pile of material strips, one pile of them pinned into shape, another of them sewn up, and then another of them pinned onto the actual material.
Never again.

.:Sash/Waist Piece:. (Posted 26th March 2013)

It's finished...omg...I'm so fucking glad it's done...
Took me 5 damn hours to make all of them tassles...I barely thought I spent two hours on them...and that was just on the first batch. When I attatched them all, turns out I needed more, and that ate up another 30 minutes to an hour. Finished it all at around seven before I had tea. And I started at twelve once I'd had lunch.
It's been a painful day. I ended up leaning on the table and didn't see the pinned tassles and ended up with one going into my arm pretty deep. Didn't really bleed, it was just a small hole in my bloody arm was like an injection with a dab of blood, whoops.
Well, at least ittoki is pretty much 80% done.
I have to do the leg tassles (FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCK), get some boots and a wristband and it's...pretty much done.
Should also mess with make-up at some point...welp...

.:Waist Coat:. (Posted 23rd March 2013)

Weirdly, I've actually gotten the damn waist coat to look least DECENT.
The white is sheeting, while the blue is light cotton, so I had to double the cotton blue over with white sheeting underneath. Works pretty well. The collar went a little wrong, but I went with it thinking that I could just undo it with no problem (a little bit of rage) if it went wrong. but, it seemed to work better than my actual plan...kind of. So I just...left it. I can always go back and change it. I'll probably end up re-making parts of this cosplay, anyway(like the waist piece...really don't like that so far...can't wear it right...fucking ittoki).
Ended up not making an actual back, I literally made a large panel from scratch and just plastered it into the design. Same goes for the collar part of the base, actually. The collar is still there, but the blue gave it more shape. The collar is sewn down. I didn't sew it down with one of my other cosplays and it just flopped everywhere when the wind blew a tiny bit. So, figured this would help. It kind of does.
This was actually done, slowly, over the past couple of days. I say slowly, since I've had stuff to do for college. Luckily I'm off after Monday, so progress should be a lot faster.

Slowly becomming a budget cosplay... (Posted 22nd March 2013)

So far, I've only spent money on things like the material...and...that's it. Even then, it wasn't exactly expensive, seeing as I used sheeting for the white, plain, cheap cotton for the blue and some dutchess satin, which was the most expensive material I bought. And I bought it all slowly on different days, so I kept a budget going, really.
Dress shirt was free, trousers were
But, anyway-
Dress shirt is pretty much done, just gotta take some more stuff off the collar and take it up and hem the sleeves, so I'd say it's done because none of it is too important just yet. The inside of the dress shirt has red in it. Was gonna get rid of it but, wow, it looks strangely good. To me, anyway. But, seeing as it's Ittoki, I think the red can stay.