Cloud Clark

Costume :Squall Leonhart & Zell Dincht
Variant :Field Mission Outfits
Source :Final Fantasy VIII
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Cost : £56
Time Taken : 1 hour

I've wanted to do Squall for a while and I am dating someone who wants to cosplay Zell so I'll also be making that outfit and hopefully he will like it and we can take some cute yaois together :D

So far I have made the shorts and pants for both and the shoes are coming along nicely I hope to add photos soon when I can find my camera xD


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To-Do List

Make shoesHighIn Progress
Buy and Style wigsHighPlanned
Make both JacketsMediumPlanned
Make Gunblade and GlovesMediumPlanned
Make Pants and shortsLowComplete
Aquire decent face paintsLowPlanned

Shopping List

Leather Half Jacket£0.00To Buy