Costume :Yuki Kuran
Variant :Pureblood - Day Class Uniform
Source :Vampire Knight Guilty
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Human version of Yuki and my Kaname

Side view reference

Yuki Kuran ref


Costume Information

Cost : £80
Time Taken : 1 Hour

This version of Yuki is during the guilty series when she is released as the pureblood vampire that she is :D I'm planning the syth Artemis too.

I wore human Yuki to Kitacon 4 and plan on wearing her at Amecon 2012

If you don't know of Vampire Knight I would strongly suggest you either read the manga or watch the anime.

The costs include the uniform that was commissioned for normal Yuki and the new wig I have bought.


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Wiggy wig! (Posted 27th December 2012)

My wig is on its way but I will likely need another long one on the second time round as pureblood Yuki when I make her syth