Costume :Daniella
Variant :Normal Mode, 1st Weapon
Source :Haunting Ground / Demento
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Daniella, the psychotic maid from Haunting Ground.

To go with Angel Tear's Fiona and InsanityFish's Riccardo... Or Hewie? IDK which he's doing XDXD


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Hope to see this when you make it, Daniella is a great character :)

by Deathblow_Prime on Thursday, 31 January, 2013 - 19:26

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Shoes£0.00To Buy
Velvet£0.00To Buy
Dyeing and styling£0.00To Buy
Make-up and contacts£0.00To Buy
Taffeta£0.00To Buy
"Apron"£0.00To Buy
Fastenings£0.00To Buy


The plan! (Posted 25th December 2012)

Yeah, updating on Christmas. Sue me.

Well, I've ordered many velvet(esque) material and looked at stuff for the under top and apron - I think I'm going to use taffeta for the coffee coloured top (as I think it will look better) but I'm undecided on the apron. It needs to be discolourable.

The bolero and skirt is gonna require so much work! After failing miserably to find the right velvet, I then realised it's because her outfit is old so the velvet is old! And thus is distressed!

So I'm going to have to distress the velvet (and it's making me consider switching to hardmode Daniella in the red because I have very old red velvet curtains at home) which will take time >_<

Wig wise; I'm not finding the right colour, let alone style, so I'm dyeing my own wig and curling it myself :3

Getting a few bits commissioned as well, the gem and details mainly, cause I'm too lazy to do the details (and mine come out horrid and I want them to look fabulous) and the gem cause I don't actually have the facilities to make them. Getting them commissioned of Darkshines, who adores doing that kind of work!

I suppose this past planning stage, and now in progress...