Costume :Princess Zelda
Source :Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Cost : £250
Time Taken : 2 weeks encounting

The Zelda series is one of my all time favourite game series. My grandparents got me into Zelda at a young age and I've always wanted to coslay from it, either from Ocarina of Time or from Twilight Princess and never got round to doing it. The Zelda series holds a lot of nice memories for me of my grandparents and growing up around them, so I'd love to get at least one costume done to show my love and appreciation for such a beautiful set of games which I wouldn't have known about if not for my grandparents.

I love the character of Zelda because she's got a very unique look as a princess. Her armour combined with her dress makes her look very regal, but still has a very feminine quality to it. I love how sweet she is, while still being able to fight for the things she believes in. She's a strong woman and I look forward to cosplaying as her. I really hope that I can do the character justice, as she's very special to me in so many ways.

I chose Twilight Princess because I adore her costume in the game. I like her clothing in Ocarina of Time, but I feel i'll suit the darker tones of Twilight Princess more than the brighter colours of Ocarina of Time.

I have not created the costume myself. I wont lie and say I have the skill to do so, the embroidery alone is crazy! Instead I've commissioned an amazing young woman from to create it for me and so far it looks beautiful.

Not sure when this will be done, but I'm hoping for October 2013. I'm in no rush though, so who knows when it'll get it's début at a con.

Commissioner is Aza-Chan, and she is awesome. Aza is making the gloves and dress, while I make the wig, armour, jewellery and crown.


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Crown progress (Posted 9th December 2012)

More detail huuurrrrr

To make the front piece of the crown I first sketched out a rough draft on paper and cut it out. The reference piece is much smaller than the clay piece, and I had to mess around to get the right size, which ended up with a lot of these pics floating around! Once I was happy with the size on paper, I rolled out some clay after kneading it to get it very soft (since the stuff was rock solid in it's packet!) then marked out a faint line of the crown piece on the clay. I then cut it out and added more clay to the top of it and blended it in using some wax sculpting tools I got from a store called Boyes. (Which is a great store for cosplay :D) Once it was blended in and actually had some detail to it, I pressed it against my head to get a rough guide on how it would need to be shaped to fit me. Once that was done, I put it on an oven tray on some tin foil, with a tube of foil underneath it to give it some shape so it would fit against my head more, rather than being totally flat. It went in the oven at 120 degrees (130 if you're oven is not fan assisted) for 30 minutes. Once it's done, I took it out, left it to cool down for about 40 mins, then took it off the tray and tested it against my head. Since the piece is very thin, it's still a little flexible, so that works quite well. But it's rather fragile too.

To get the V shape on the front of the crown I made a flat V out of clay and stuck it on, then blended the edges down, adding more clay to make it thicker and to make it look like it was one piece, rather than two separate pieces. I put it in the oven again, with the tube of foil underneath to keep it's shape and covered the already baked clay with tinfoil, since double baking the clay can make it go soggy, so if you do need to double bake to stick two bits together, make sure you use something to keep it's shape in the oven. Laying a curved, pre-baked piece on a flat surface expecting it to keep it's curved hsape makes it go flat. As I found out on a test piece. XD

Once it was cool I sanded it down with 120 and 80 grain sandpaper, to get rid of any bumps. :D Just needs painting and sealing now!