Costume :TARDIS
Variant :Own design
Source :Doctor Who (BBC)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Hello, I'm... Sexy.

A Psychochronography in Blue.

She's a woman... And she's the TARDIS.

Front View.

Back View.

Full reference of Eleven's TARDIS.


Costume Information

Cost : £24.17
Awards : 2nd place at the UCL Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society Christmas party!
Time Taken : One week.

I was originally going to make this for Birmingham Memorabilia at the end of November, but coursework deadlines ran away with me. Instead, it's for a fandomy, fancy-dressy Christmasy party with my Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society in Camden this Sunday.
I've designed a skirt inspired by the TARDIS, but the thing as an entity, rather than just the blue box version; I wanted the orangy-yellow on my bottom half to resemble the interior, for a unique take on the cosplay. Also going to see if I can (somehow) engineer the hat to light up, despite my mother's less than confident turn of phrase: "Love, you are not a physicist. You are a historian."



* Hair - Crazy curls, partially pulled back, with a small, top-hat/fez style 'light' hat off-centred to the right.
* Make-Up - Gold cream eyeshadow, with lots of eyeliner and mascara. Royal blue nails, to match skirt, starry accents added with silver varnish.
* Tops - White, long-sleeved blouse with ruffled front and black buttons.
* Bottoms - High-waisted skirt in royal blue Duchess satin, with several organza petticoats underneath in shades of orange and yellow. Black taffeta sash belt around waist, tied in a bow at the back, with white iron-on letters reading 'Police Box'. Hem of blue overskirt is curved up into a peak, showing off the petticoats, and finished in black satin bias tape, with a St. John's Ambulance patch pinning it up. 'Pull to Open' plaque in white cotton on the right hand side of the 'peak'. On the back of the skirt, two windows, equidistant, made from white, black and grey squares.
* Shoes - Yellow and orange tie-dye tights, extending the 'heart of the TARDIS' interior, and black, heeled brogues with wide satin bows to fasten.
* Accessories - Black velvet 'girly style' bow tie at throat. Another bow in hair? Yale key on chain around neck. 'Hello, my name is: Sexy' patch on left breast pocket? Sonic screwdriver in 'Pull to Open' front pocket.


i'm really looking forward to new TARDIS designs :3

by Shigeako on Friday, 7 December, 2012 - 01:05
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Thanks :3 It's such a brilliantly abstract concept to cosplay that you can pretty much do anything with it - Your TARDIS gown is absolutely beautiful!

by CaptainAmelia on Monday, 10 December, 2012 - 01:53
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Aww very cute!

by sjbonnar on Monday, 10 December, 2012 - 11:28
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I adore this dress and the design as a whole omg it's amazing!

by jessliekspie on Sunday, 20 October, 2013 - 17:48

To-Do List

Make yellow, orange and yellow-orange petticoats.HighComplete
Make blue overskirt.HighComplete
Apply iron-on letters to sash belt.MediumComplete
Make light hat and attach to hairband.MediumComplete
Make 'Pull to Open' pocket and attach to skirt.MediumComplete
Make St. John's Ambulance patch and attach to skirt.MediumComplete
Make windows and attach to skirt.MediumComplete
Test curved hem on mock-up skirt.LowComplete
Buy tights and sash belt.LowComplete
Print 'Hello, my name is:' sticker.LowPlanned

Shopping List

Yellow organza - One metre.£1.50Bought
White blouse - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Girly bow tie - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Grey and black paints - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Black satin bias tape - Approx. four metres.£1.60Bought
Black taffeta sash.£1.40Bought
Iron-on letters.£1.87Bought
Yellowy-orangey tie-dye tights.£6.18Bought
Yellow, orange and blue threads - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Royal blue Duchess satin - One metre.£5.99Bought
Thin, white elastic - Three metres.£0.90Bought
Wide, black elastic - One metre.£0.50Bought
Sponges for paint - Already owned.£0.00Bought
White polycotton - Half-a-metre.£0.75Bought
Two-tone organza - One metre.£1.98Bought
Orange organza - One metre.£1.50Bought
Black brogue heels - Already owned.£0.00Bought


Accessories! (Posted 10th December 2012)

It's done! Now, for the finishing touches...
* Black heeled brogues with satin bows.
* New 'DW' logo badge.
* Chiffon bow for hair.
* Velvet bow for collar.
* TARDIS key.
* Sonic screwdriver.
* 'Light' hat.
And the finished skirt, complete with front door sign and St. John's Ambulance badge.

"There's a sign on my front door. You've been walking past it for seven hundred years." (Posted 10th December 2012)

Paint job's pretty splotchy, but, as I am no da Vinci, it will certainly do. It's going to be a sonic-pocket on the right hand side of the skirt! :D

Tonight is a good night for progress. (Posted 9th December 2012)

I know there isn’t supposed to be an apostrophe-’s’, but I left too big a gap between ‘John’ and ‘Ambulance’ and it needed filling! I was going to print the logo out, because there are some fancy squiggles between the cross, but I couldn't work out how to PhotoShop it to exactly the right size, so I gave up and painted it instead.
The black rim is the lid from a pot of cream, with which I'll fasten it to the skirt - Nifty thrifty cosplay!

T-24 hours... (Posted 8th December 2012)

Plenty of time…
Made the new overskirt, in a heavier Duchess satin with a more appropriate black elastic waistband, sliced a chunk out it to show off the petticoats and hemmed the whole thing with black satin bias tape, because my ability to neatly sew curved hems remains questionable. ‘Pull to Open’ pocket, complete with sonic screwdriver, is going on the right hand side.
Still torn whether to position the windows horizontally, or on a slight angle. I’ll try the whole ensemble on later and see what sticks!

Mine are the wrong hands. (Posted 8th December 2012)

Sort of set the thing on fire the first time I tried to iron a letter on, #whoops. A hasty dousing later, I flipped to the other side and produced this! Not too shabby for a second attempt...
‘O’s, you are drunk.
Sash ties in a lovely little bow at the back; I sewed one of the points the wrong way, but I didn’t cut anything off, so I’ll fix it if I have time tomorrow :D

Something about windows, eyes and souls... (Posted 7th December 2012)

I've printed just your average white cotton with some black and grey rectangles to give my idea of windows. Some of the lines are a bit squiggly, but seeing as they'll be plastered across my arse, I'm hoping no one will notice... They just need drying, hemming, and attaching to the back of the skirt!

Tights, glorious tights~ (Posted 6th December 2012)

They've finally arrived! I guess the postal system is already clogged with Christmas mail...
Aren't they stunning?! They look gorgeous with the oranges and yellows of my petticoats; looking forward to wearing this! :D

All I want for Christmas is Who! (Posted 4th December 2012)

Crazy progress! This is how my skirt looks so far. There are three petticoats, all identical circle skirts, in three different shades of organza. They're all shimmery! The blue skirt on top was just a test run to see if my measurements worked; I'll be replacing it with a much thicker, more lustrous Duchess satin, with less hideous shine, and adding all the relevent detail, but I’m pretty impressed with how it’s turned out so far!