Costume :Akina Orifushi
Variant :School Uniform
Source :KanojoXKanojoXKanojo
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Photoshoot 1



Costume Information

Cost : 0
Time Taken : 10 Hours

Akina is my favourite of the three sisters from this series because she's so cute and I think quite similar to me in that's she a bit ditzy but innocent :D But once I make the uniform I can use it for multiple characters from the series and the uniform is so cute :)


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To-Do List

Add Beads to WigHighPlanned
Make ShirtMediumIn Progress
Buy WigLowComplete
Make Skirt LowComplete
Make Bow LowComplete

Shopping List

Wig (Coscraft Alex in Pink)£20.00Bought
Black Knee High Socks (Already Own) £0.00Bought
Brown Shoes (Already Own) £0.00Bought
2m White Cotton Drill £8.00Bought
2m Red Cotton Drill £8.00Bought
Multibag of pony beads containing green and yellow£2.00Bought
Black Ribbon - 13mm x 6m£1.00Bought
30cm Yellow Fabric (Free with discount coupon!) £0.00Bought
White Ribbon x 4m£1.00Bought


Skirt Complete (Posted 7th April 2013)

After searching everywhere for white ribbon at a decent price I managed to locate some. I think it's actually an off white/cream but hopefully it's far enough away from the main body that no one will notice.

Also excuse the white buttons - they are purely for fastening (and I missed positioned the first as I was rushing >_<) Will probably paint these red at some point :)

Wig Ordered (Posted 4th April 2013)

Opted for Alex in Pink from Coscraft. I really like how bright the pink is here without being hot pink. The will need some minimal styling such as a fringe being cut in and beads added but shouldn't take too long :)