Costume :Yuki Cross
Variant :Vampire (Yuuki Kuran)
Source :Vampire Knight Guilty
Progress :Complete
Worn At :SunnyCon 2013

Costume Photos


I'm not ready for this.

Ready to protect!

Ready to go Kaname?

Done my job...

Le Artemis Scythe

Prop Reference

Costume Reference

I am a guardian!


Waiting for you.


Costume Information

Cost : £11.50 Costume £13 Prop
Awards : Dunno Yet :')
Time Taken : 36 Hours Costume + 4 Months Prop

This is my Yuuki Kuran costume ( minus the wig) that I have conjured for SunnyCon next year. It was my first cosplay and I ahve tiny bits and pieces to fix but over than that its finished. These pictures were taken at a meet up in September in Newcastle.

I'm cosplaying Yuuki just as she turns back into a Pure Blood when she is defending the academy :-)


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wow this is awsome im loving the sythe

by dan-dan on Wednesday, 28 November, 2012 - 22:55
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Hehe thank you, it took me forever :')

by MoonCrystalPower on Thursday, 29 November, 2012 - 23:18
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oh my god. That scythe looks brilliant!

by cowiee on Saturday, 2 February, 2013 - 01:34
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Your scythe is incredible and you have epic seamstress skills- your sewing work looks so neat! n__n

by HarryKurt on Sunday, 10 March, 2013 - 14:15

You really suit Yuki :)

by Tori Yummai on Friday, 29 March, 2013 - 15:48