Constable Crane

Costume :Willy Wonka
Variant :primary version
Source :Charlie and the Chocolate factory (Tim Burton remake)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Wonka enjoys a sugar rush

full length

wonka maddness

Original Costume


Costume Information

Cost : 250 aprox
Time Taken : 3 weeks

3 inch healed shoes, which currently have 'W's painted on (in progress) black suit trousers, a Edwardian Frock jacket (a purple velvet jacket being made), a costume shirt and waiscoat.

props are a Victorian silk top hat (the most expensive part), rubber purple gloves, A pocket chain with a gobstopper shaped adornment (built using a plastic ball and Milliput) and a Cane

The cane was built using a piece of wood, clear stick on plastic, smoking filter tips which were used to dot the cane with lots of coloured paint and a plastic ball which came of the end of a sweet continer (merchandise from the movie)


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holy smokes you look friggin awesome!!!


by Sands on Friday, 30 January, 2009 - 00:58
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Creepy and excellent at the same time. I love Burton's creations and the best ones seem to be reserved for Mr. Depp LOL

You look great!

by sjbonnar on Friday, 30 January, 2009 - 12:17
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Can't wait for you to get this finished. You've got the face expression down to a t.

by Sephirayne on Saturday, 31 January, 2009 - 18:16
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Saw you and met briefly o/s LFCC, you looked terrific. I didn't realise at that point you were Emms brother. Totally brilliant portrayal, you didn't just look like looked like Depp as Wonka! You must get people asking you for autographs all the time?..

by Ranma1-2 on Thursday, 23 July, 2009 - 12:22
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HAHA thats wicked!

by Miss_Bikealot on Friday, 4 September, 2009 - 13:16
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This is so amazing - its like you walked straight out if the film - superb!

by gaming_goddess on Sunday, 7 August, 2011 - 12:34

To-Do List

build jacketHighPlanned
added ' W 's to bootsHighPlanned
re-make waistcoatLowPlanned