Costume :Mordred
Variant :!Evil
Source :BBC Merlin
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

The Wig!


Top Ref.

Full Body Ref.

Top + Hair Ref.


Costume Information

Black/Dark Gray Fur Lined Waistcoat
Black Sleeves
Red Medieval Shirt
Brown Trousers/Leggings (to double as breeches)
Knee-length Black Boots
Black Gloves
Dark Red Snood-like Thing
Plaited Brown Belt
Brown Curly Wig

Okay I'll admit it...I found a jacket in my wardrobe almost identical to Alexander's in 'Arthur's Bane' and decided, hell yes, I'll cosplay as him. WISH ME LUCKKKKKKK!


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To-Do List

Buy Additional Clothing. HighComplete
Make Snood Scarf ThingHighPlanned
Buy Black Leather GlovesMediumIn Progress
Make/Buy Leather CuffsLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black Long Sleeved Top£5.00To Buy
Material For Snood Scarf£0.00To Buy


UPDATE! (Posted 12th February 2013)

My Mordred is now going to be a fem! cosplay, as my wig isnt going how I wanted it to. So, aside from change! :D

Le Wig Has Arrived! (Posted 5th February 2013)

So my wig arrived yesterday, much to my delight! I bought the Brave 10 wig from Coscraft and it's absolutely amazing! The quality is just as I'd hoped and hopefully it'll be as easy to style as I've heard :D

In another news, last Saturday I bought a brown top, grey bottoms, a black cardi to double as sleeves and the material for my scarf! I'm taking the bottoms back to get a size bigger in brown and the brown top in a size or two bigger too. I'm really happy with my material for my scarf, it's actually a mattress cover but it's genuinely perfect!

I'll be chopping the hemline at the bottom of the top once I've replaced it to make it look more rugged and cutting the neckline into a v-shape and then lacing it for a more medieval style.

All I need now is leather gloves!