Costume :Riza Hawkeye
Source :Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

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Pocket-toting, authoritarian, comfy, temporate costumes needed for running cosplay HQ. This calls for military cosplay!

The FMA uniforms are seriously cool. I did once make a really bad Roy cosplay for a uni club night so I'm looking forward to having a second attempt. Decided on Riza because I can leave the jacket off and still be legit!

I have until August to find a plush husky :3


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Trouser Fly (Posted 27th June 2013)

Woo, second zip fly ever and it went perfectly!
These have turned out to be super easy as long as I wasn't tempted to skip adding the big loose basting stitches that hold the fly in place whilst you sew the zip in.

Starting Trousers (Posted 17th June 2013)

I'm using the trouser pattern from Vogue 1132 as it hit all the key features: high waist, wide waistband, simple flat pockets and wide legs (I also really love the jacket in this pack).

I'm using a dark blue cotton drill, which should make for a smart uniform. I was going for the darker Brotherhood shade over the royal blue of the original series and this was the closest I could get.