Costume :Yoko Littner
Variant :Pre-Time Skip
Source :Gurren Lagann
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Surveying the surroundings

Surveying Target

Re-vamped Yoko Rifle

Boots Finished

Finished Bracelets



Costume Information

Got all the stuff for this one from my older Yoko and a few gifts from Kitacon.
Brought some bracelets and some gloves to modify just finding some proper boots for her at the moment. Not due for a convention but due for a photo shoot in the near future.

Complete except for boots, but they can be brought whenever


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To-Do List

Bikini TopHighComplete
Shorts and BeltHighComplete
Re-style WigLowComplete
Scarf and Hair ClipLowComplete


Let get ready to do some damage (Posted 8th July 2013)

Complete and ready to go. The rifle is on it's way to being complete too. Need to pack it all in the suitcase and add final details on to a few things. Easy enough to wear and easy enough to shove everything in the boots for travel :D Hopefully going to be hot otherwise might just have to pull out Older Yoko just for the jacket.

You all having a good time (Posted 3rd April 2013)

Got the boots dyed white, need another bottle though. The soles have been painted red, details need to be added then the tops of the boots to be sorted. Got the scope scoped out. Gloves are completed. Nearly ready for a photo shoot.

Getting Sorted (Posted 31st January 2013)

Everything has been sourced, the boots need to be sprayed white and details to be painted. Bracelets completely done. Looking into a new scope for the rifle as the other one is now broken. Cyanide will be helping me. Thinking of going to Cornwall for some beach/dessert shots.

Boot Watch and more (Posted 11th January 2013)

Got 2 pairs of boots that are identical on watch. One lower than the other due to a defect but these will be sprayed white and painted anyway so it wont matter to me too much what state the boots are in to be honest.
Going to get some self cover buttons paint them yellow then superglue onto the bracelets. Did the gloves the other day. We are almost set to wear this one for a shoot sometime.