Costume :Kumi Kawamura
Source :Alien Nine / 9
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2011

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Costume Information

Cost : £80 - £85 (+ £17 for un-used roller skates)
Time Taken : 13 - 14 hours

I want to do this costume as Alien Nine is my favourite anime series, and I have Kumi's hair anyway and I thought it'd be cool to cosplay someone from this series.

Officially started 03/08/2011 when I bought supplies for the construction of this costume.

The easiest part of the costume was buying the shoes, white shirt, and socks.

The hardest part was constructing the borg since I think the eyes should be lower and also the wings aren't exactly right but I think it looks good from what tools I had.

The costume was very easy to wear and would have been a lot harder if I had worn the roller skates. I did keep checking that both the wings were still there on my borg and also the kneepads snagged on my tights and made a massive epic hole on one leg.

If I could improve this costume I would maybe practive roller skating more and also make the shorts a big longer since they were cut down from leggings.

The white undershirt was bought from M&S for £6.

The main shirt was made from a large white men's shirt with the collar cut out a bit so the white shirt underneath could be seen. I then measured out how big the purple shapes of fabric should be at the collars and shoulders, and hemmed and sewed them on. I then drew the labels on the front and back on white fabric using black marker pen, and I hemmed and sewed them on.

The gloves were made from black leather gloves with the fingers and thumb cut off. I then used masking tape as an aid and painted on a rectangle of light grey paint on the backs.

I bought a pair of inline roller skates (from eBay seller warehouse_clearance05) that were mainly black and red, and used a pair of my own black socks. I also bought a pair of white shoes (from eBay seller so-in-2u) to wear instead of the roller skates (since I'm not doing well in them).

For the kneepads I bought a pair of black ones and painted light grey on the main knee bit and also used masking tape as aids for the rectangles on the top and bottom.

For the shorts I bought a pair of lilac leggings and marked how short I would want them cut down. After cutting I then sewed in a hem while stretching the fabric.

To make the borg I first bought a BMX helmet (from eBay seller ukdigital365) and moulded on the main body and eye shapes with newspaper and sellotape. Then I paper-mached on a couple layers with kitchen roll, PVA glue, and water. Then I painted the whole thing white before applying the colours. The wings are made from cardboard with the needles also cut out from card and glued on, with details done with black pen. The tail is made out of a hemmed piece of white fabric with the dark blue painted on and lines drawn on with fabric pen. The wings and tail were then stuck onto the back with PVA glue. I then altered the strap but cutting it down, removing the buckle pieces, and applying velcro.


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To-Do List

Long ShirtHighComplete
Purple ShortsHighComplete
Knee PadsHighComplete
Inline Roller SkatesHighComplete
White Under-ShirtMediumComplete
Black SocksMediumComplete
White ShoesMediumComplete


Borg Finished (Posted 26th October 2011)

The tail was made with white fabric that I hemmed and then painted on using masking tape as an aid, and then drawing black lines on with fabric pen. That was then glued on to the back with PVA glue.

Then I altered the strap by cutting it down, removing the buckle pieces, and adding velcro.

Borg Progress (Posted 23rd October 2011)

Stuck the wings to the back of the borg with PVA glue. Held them down and added extra glue to ensure they'll stay attached.

Borg Progress (Posted 22nd October 2011)

Made a few test wings from cardboard sheets to find the desired shape. Then cut out two and drew on the lines with a ruler. Then I made the small pointy bits out of a strip of card with black lines on and coloured the tips grey. Now they've been glued on to the bottom bits of the wings.

Borg Progress (Posted 22nd October 2011)

Now completely finished painting it so now I can make the wings and the tail.

Borg Progress (Posted 21st October 2011)

After painting the whole thing white, I used black marker to draw on the design so I'd know where to seperate the different colours.

Then I painted it doing the lighter colours first. Now it's all generally painted but the cream, white, and lighter blue need to be touched up in a few places so the painting's fully finished.

Shoes Bought (Posted 21st October 2011)

Bought a pair of white shoes which will probably be worn instead of the roller skates since I don't do very well in them and will be slipping all over the placce.

Borg Progress (Posted 16th October 2011)

Paper-mached over another layer, and then painted the whole thing white ready for the colours to be painted on.

Borg Progress (Posted 14th October 2011)

Done one layer of paper mache using water, PVA glue, and kitchen roll. Will add one more layer to make it a bit stronger.

Borg Progress (Posted 9th October 2011)

Moulded on the eyes and the bits over the ears with newspaper and sellotape ready for adding paper mache.

Borg Started (Posted 8th October 2011)

Stuck down a base layer of newspaper down on the helmet, so then I can mold on the eyes on top.

Shorts Finished (Posted 28th September 2011)

I tried looking for shorts in the right colour but I closest I could find ended up being too short. So then I bought some lilac leggings to cut down. Then were then hemmed while the fabric was stretched.

Kneepads Finished (Posted 16th September 2011)

A few areas had to be re-painted so that the general grey colour matched.

Kneepads Progress (Posted 15th September 2011)

Masking tape was used as an aid to paint the light grey rectangles on the top and bottom of the kneepads. Some areas are now being re-painted so it looks even.

Gloves Finished (Posted 15th September 2011)

Gloves have had light grey rectangle painted on the back.

Skates and Socks Finished (Posted 14th September 2011)

Sorted out which socks to use that would show up beneath the skates. Will practice with using these skates before the event aswell.

Kneepads Started (Posted 14th September 2011)

Since I had made too much light grey paint to waste, I also started painting the kneepads.

Gloves Started (Posted 14th September 2011)

Fingers and thumbs have been cut off and masking tape was used to paint the light grey rectangle on the back.

Shirt Finished (Posted 14th September 2011)

Labels were sewn on with a sewing machine since the shirt is pretty big and loose.

Shirt Progress (Posted 31st August 2011)

The purple on the collar and arms have been sewn on, now the labels have been written on white fabric and are ready to be sewn on next.

Shirt Progress (Posted 30th August 2011)

Shoulders and rim have been sewn on, now the collar and arms have been pinned on ready to be sewn aswell.

Shirt Started (Posted 28th August 2011)

Using a large men's shirt, the collar was cut down a bit so that the shirt underneath can be seen. Also strips of purple fabric have been cut out and hemmed ready to be sewn on to the collar, shoulders, arms, and rim of the shirt.