Costume :Levi McGarden
Variant :Post Time Skip
Source :Fairy Tail
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

Guild Logo Tattoo

Loki, Levy, Juvia

Fairy Derp


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Costume Information

Cost : £30.98
Time Taken : 12 Hours (Approximately)

Another manga/anime that has recently become very popular (and is now half as long as the infamous One Piece) is Fairy Tail. This was actually the biggest group cosplay I have done with my friends, and we had most of the main characters which was awesome. I like Levy as a character because (even though she;s not seen that often)she's cute, and a bookworm like me ^-^.

I've made a dress once before, but not one that was fitted and definitely not with a zip of any kind. I chose a hidden one for this because the character dress has no visible seams. It was a bit awkward to sew it into the fabric, but I was very pleased with it as a first try.

I would've liked to make the arm sleeves slightly looser, and my sandals were the wrong colour, but as a first time making a fitted dress, I liked how it looked as a whole. Plus I was very pleased with the bow which I made using Ribbons' awesome bow making guide. Also made a very simple stencil for the guild tattoo which everyone ended up using, so that turned out good!

And although it was slightly chilly towards the end of the day, I had loads of fun in it. It was nice to do a cosplay that was part of such a big group, and we'll be re-doing it for Kitacon invasion! I need to make some more stencils X_X.


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To-Do List

Sew zip into dressMediumComplete
Sew and colour bandannaMediumComplete
Make bow and attach to dressMediumComplete
Make/sew arm coversLowComplete
Line arm covers and dress with white satin. LowComplete
Cut and style wigLowComplete
Sew dress togetherLowComplete
Sew straps onto dress.LowComplete

Shopping List

Orange Material£11.97Bought
Hidden Zip £3.19Bought
Orange Thread£1.69Bought
White Satin Material£2.18Bought
Blue Wig£11.39Bought
Yellow Bandanna Material£0.56Bought


Wow oO All done! (Posted 4th August 2013)

Today was literally a full on Cosplay working day for me XD. I made the bow (thanks to Marisa-Chan's awesome bow making tutorial!) lined the arm covers and the main dress with a beautiful satiny material, and attached some shoulder strap...uh things to the dress XD. I also sewed the bow to the dress, crissy crossed the bandanna and stitched it up ^^.

So yeah! Levy all done! Well....nearly. I need some sandals oO. Not a full pic provided because of spoilers XD.

Wig Styled and Bandanna Sewed! (Posted 3rd August 2013)

Got the bangs cut, and we sorted out how to pull the fringe back (cos this wig had uber fringe) without the lining of the wig being revealed. It's not 100% like Levy's actual hair, but it's the best I can do with this type of wig and I'm pleased with how it looks.

Also sewed the tube of a bandanna, it's still a little big but I can still fold it in half. I need to crissy cross it for Levy's bandanna design, and cut it so that it's not super long like it is now but so far good progress.

Dress Hemmed and Arm covers made (Posted 31st July 2013)

Yay! Things are going well. The dress wasn't hemmed too superbly to start with as the edges stuck out, but I hemmed it a little more and it rounded it out nicely XD.

Also managed to sew the arm covers today, it was a pain in the arse getting it to be fitted. I considered (and tried and failed) putting a popper into the arm covers so that I can fit them on easily and they don't fall down, but it seriously failed.

In the end I measured them to fit and (with the help of Dad) threaded elastic through the hem at the top so that they wouldn't fall down my arms.

My wig has also appeared but I haven't had the chance to ask (Mum) to cut it yet. Need to get on that!

Dress Partly made (Posted 23rd July 2013)

Okay so finally got started today! Sewed my dress together so that it was fitted at the waist, and I sewed my very first ever hidden zip. It is a little visible due to the stitching when you look up close, but for a first try I'm very pleased with it. The dress is too long and I still need to line it, and the chest part still bags out but hopefully that'll get fixed as I tweak it to make it look more Levy-like ^^. Very pleased that I got a similar colour to the anime dress though.