Costume :221B Baker Street
Variant :Own design
Source :Sherlock (BBC)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Crime In Progress - Please Disturb!

Blood, Glorious Blood!

Great Minds!

I don't even know what my face is doing here.

For once in my life, I actually have a back shot.

Group shot!

Exact print of the wallpaper/my fabric.

Front door - Reference for house numbers.

Utterly abysmal concept design. I so can't draw.


Costume Information

Cost : £29.48.
Time Taken : Two weeks.

This one might take a little explaining... xD A Tumblr user organised a 'Fandom Halloween Party' on November 3rd, at *an actual pirate castle* in London and it was basically the best time of my life.
The idea behind this costume was: 'What's the geekiest, most fandomy of fandom costume I can come up with, that only Tumblrites would get?' ...And this was the result. I think it worked out a treat! The accessories definitely made it, especially the skull. His name is Skulduggery.
Sadly, despite not actually being staff for the event, I accidentally helped with so much of the organisation that I was no longer eligible for the costume competition D: So many people complimented me on my quirky outfit, though! :D



* Hair - Crazy curls, pulled back slightly and fastened with large, black bow.
* Make-up - Silver or gold? With lots of eyeliner, because everything's better with eyeliner. Nothing too elaborate?
* Tops - Navy blue dress (front door) with white and brown scroll fabric cuffs (wallpaper), hemmed and wrapped in yellow 'Crime Scene - Do Not Enter' tape. Belt around waist with '221B' in gold (house numbers), with 'Crime in progress - Please disturb' note, fastened with a large bow in 'wallpaper' fabric.
* Bottoms - Skirt features a large circle of 'wallpaper' fabric, onto which s sponged a bright yellow smiley face, ripped into by bullet holes (BORED!). Gold, glittery tights, to match the house numbers.
* Footwear - Black heeled brogues. They'll kill after a few hours, but they're bloody gorgeous.
* Accessories - Deerstalker? 'I <3 Sherlock badge (journalist Kitty Riley's); Baker Street, Union Jack, 'Keep Calm and Carry On' and yellow smiley face badges; violin necklace on bronze chain; black and white 'I believe in Sherlock Holmes' wristband (fan response to 'The Reichenbach Fall'), white/cream human skull ring; metallic animal skull ring (skull wearing headphones on the wall of the flat); three cirular plasters, for nicotine patches? Gold fingernails, to match tights; knitted Union Jack bag (cushion on armchair); teacup; polystyrene skull!


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This is such a clever and cute design! Great work.

by HarryKurt on Saturday, 12 January, 2013 - 23:10
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Thank you! It was really good fun to come up with :D

by CaptainAmelia on Saturday, 12 January, 2013 - 23:17

To-Do List

Add smiley face to wallpaper circle and rip 'bullet holes'HighComplete
Make 'crime scene' sash and hemHighComplete
Add straps and fastening to bagMediumComplete
Make 'I <3 Sherlock' badge. Attach it, and others, to dressMediumComplete
Mske 'crime in progress' note and glue to house numbersMediumComplete
Paint nails goldLowComplete
Cut out and spray-paint numbers. Superglue to beltLowComplete
String up violin necklaceLowComplete

Shopping List

Polystyrene skull - Bought after Halloween last year!£0.00Bought
Animal skull ring - Borrowing£0.00Bought
Black heeled brogues - Already owned£0.00Bought
Violin charm for necklace£2.90Bought
'Crime Scene' tape hemming dress - Six metres£3.59Bought
Gold tights - Already owned£0.00Bought
Yellow paint for smiley face£0.79Bought
'Wallpaper' print fabric - Half a metre£3.50Bought
Navy blue belt - Used left-over John Hart fabric£0.00Bought
'221B' letters - Used left-over Daenerys plastic and spraypaint£0.00Bought
Union Jack bag - Modified from knitted Primark skirt£5.00Bought
Navy skater dress£11.70Bought
Skull ring£2.00Bought
'I believe in Sherlock Holmes' wristband - Already owned£0.00Bought