Costume :Egon Spengler
Source :Ghostbusters 2
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

gun almost done

me in my gb2 costume

Accurate V hook on my pack

my proton pack im been doing up

flight suit came be putting on the logo and name tag tomorrow

Elbow Pads Painted will be used for gb1 n gb2 costume

my boots has arrived

Gloves&Elbow pads

lifgard 2 pass alarm

Belt gizmo holder ghost trap holster and 2 keyfobs


Costume Information

im redoing my ghostbusters costume and doing ghostbusters 2 as i been told i looka like egon spengler so i thought i do him and i will be building my own ghostbusters 2 proton pack aswell


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To-Do List

buy name tagHighComplete
buy the glovesHighComplete
buy the elbow padsHighComplete
build belt gizo moHighPlanned
build gb2 ghost trap and pedalHighPlanned
build the screen accurate gb2 proton pack with light and soundLowPlanned

Shopping List

uniform so far£168.91Bought