Costume :Iori Yagami
Variant :There's a hint of blue to my jacket so I guess it's the '98 version
Source :The King of Fighters
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2005

Costume Photos

This Dan was a bit of a legend

Dhals' vs Iori

The fated Kusunagi Yagami battle.


Costume Information

Cost : Around 30 quid
Time Taken : A couple of weeks

Thi was my first cosplay for an Annime event so I chose something pretty simple, saying that Iori is one of my all time favourite characters.

It's made of charity shop clothes that I butchered and involved very little sewing. The hardest part was shaping/hemming the shirt as I had no sewing machine and suck balls at sewing by hand. The shirt is in two parts because I couldn't find one long enough, which looks alright but means I can't take the jacket off coz the gap in the middle is filled by a vest. Wearing the shirt/vest on it's own does look pretty rad though.

I've worn it a few times and love it.


This is effin perfect!!! :D I think you are just fighting games irl!! (Imagine that makes sense and isn't Engrish) Thank you for the comment on my I-no, I think its just the attraction of MOAR PVC for me!! XDDDDDDD

by on Friday, 8 May, 2009 - 20:02
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Ow you cosplayed Iori too xD awesome!
The pictures were made on a convention in Belgium called Japanimation

by Lord Zero on Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 - 19:25