Costume :Demona/Dominique Destine
Variant :Gunner/Human
Source :Skirtzzz: Disney Dresspheres/Disney's Gargoyles
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Reference Board - Gunner Demona


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Cost : 1.00

I'm not really much of a Disney Princess, but wanted to be part of the Dresspheres group at Aya. I think that Demona suits being a Gunner best what with all the guns she's always toting, despite being a Gargoyle and able to rip people apart with her bare claws, etc.


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Wicked design! You've managed to capture the gunner look while still being clear on who the character is. Looking forward to watching how this develops.

by puzzledpenguin on Wednesday, 21 November, 2012 - 14:49

Thanks, I'm excited for the group and to see everyone's finished costumes. :)

by Pudding on Wednesday, 21 November, 2012 - 15:21


Reference Board - Gunner Demona (Posted 20th November 2012)

So this is the basic design for Gunner Demona, there's a few fine details to iron out, but in general this is how I want it to look.

Three Talismans Reference (Posted 5th November 2012)

I think I'll encorporate the Talismans into the design.

Reference Board - Gunner Yuna (Posted 5th November 2012)

I think that Demona as a Gunner would be closer to Yuna's design than Paine or Rikku's as it would be easier to adapt from her usual outfit/rags.

Reference Board - Human Demona (Posted 5th November 2012)

So I've made myself a rule about being painted different colours... only once a con and only twice a year from now on after the year of being grey too many times... so going for Human Demona/Dominique. I'd have chosen Beserker if I'd kept to Gargoyle form.