Costume :Fluttershy
Source :My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013

Costume Photos


Candy Coloured

Completed costume


Costume Information

Cost : £33
Time Taken : About a month and a half, on and off

For a friend's birthday at the end of the last year we casual cosplayed some ponies, and after I won another friend's kiriban she designed the costume for me as I am rubbish and doing that myself. Seeing as she went to the trouble to draw the whole thing for me, I decided to upgrade it to full cosplay even though I'm not really a fan, and am now wearing it on Friday of May Expo.

The design is done by and can be seen here:

I chose FS to cosplay because she is, without a doubt, the pony I am most like and I think she's a very sweet character. The hardest part was the freaking sleeves, god I hate those things, and the easiest part was the wig - though the trousers were a pain as well (*side-eyes old sewing machine*).


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To-Do List

Style wigHighComplete
Edit trousersHighComplete
Add sleevesHighComplete
Paint shirtHighComplete
Edit shoesMediumComplete

Shopping List

Pink medium wig£15.73Bought
Pink fabric£2.00Bought
Stone trousers£7.00Bought
White plimsoles£3.00Bought
Denim hoodie£5.00Bought


WIP (Posted 28th March 2013)

Shirt, trousers, wig, shoes.

I’ll post a proper pic of the full cosplay once I’m back in England (we leave tomorrow) because I need to cut the wig a bit eue

Do you think the holding-the-fringe-back-with-hairpins works or should I spray/cut them out of the way?