Costume :Undertaker
Source :Kuroshitsuji
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009

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Cost : £56.53

Made for a group with people from uni. Brookes students <3 Kuroshitsuji.


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I look forward to seeing u cosplay him~ The Undertaker's on my cosplay list cause he's awsome lol!

by Raine on Wednesday, 4 February, 2009 - 15:30
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by shirolulu on Wednesday, 4 February, 2009 - 21:42
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oh, brilliant XD I love the Undertaker!

by kitamurin on Friday, 13 February, 2009 - 14:52
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>D SWEET! I will so be looking for you in May !

by HyperNightmare on Saturday, 21 February, 2009 - 11:14
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You will get so much love for this. <3 <3 <3

by TheInkOfDoom on Thursday, 21 May, 2009 - 14:11
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Wow, where di you get those referance pictures??
They look really useful <3

And your cosplay is looking awesome :)

by Mangafan2000 on Monday, 8 June, 2009 - 13:13
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Awesome Scythe. The hat and wig looking great. Just added him to my planned list for friends and thought what you've done is fab.

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 20:34
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This looks amazing :D I love your Scythe, it's so awesome!

by JustPeachy on Friday, 22 July, 2011 - 09:01