Costume :kamikirimusi
Variant :player 1
Source :Soul Calibur IV
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon 2009

Costume Photos

goofing about



kami progress

weapon ref

weapon prgress

refrence 1


Costume Information

Cost : too much ¬¬


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You'll look so cute, I may not be ablwe to leave you alone.

But I probably wont be able to move. So I will.

by Kan-chan on Friday, 23 January, 2009 - 23:33
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i will be your assistant for the day my darling xxx
you may have to help bandage me up ;)

by kitty on Friday, 23 January, 2009 - 23:34
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(: Awesome progress so far.
Was gonna do this costume myself soon. ^_^
Great start thou, can't wait to see this finished :) good luckkk!

by KamikazePenguin on Wednesday, 4 February, 2009 - 21:44
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thankyou ^^ im hoping to start work on her outfit this weekend ^^

by kitty on Wednesday, 4 February, 2009 - 22:14
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cooool, I look forward to seeing this ^^

by nanahara on Sunday, 29 March, 2009 - 16:25
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great choice

by Defrain on Wednesday, 8 April, 2009 - 09:30
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Really looking forward to seeing this! :D

by Manga Girl on Thursday, 9 April, 2009 - 20:55
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I looove the flames on this so much! It looks awesome.

by Kan-chan on Thursday, 9 April, 2009 - 20:58
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the progress for this is look awsome

by nanahara on Thursday, 9 April, 2009 - 21:48
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thanks guys x3
still have som much to do >.<

by kitty on Friday, 10 April, 2009 - 14:26