Costume :Morticia
Variant :Film Version
Source :The Addams Family
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Hair and Make Up Test~

Hair and Make Up Test~

Hair and Make Up Test~

Hair and Make Up Test~


Costume Information

Just a halloween costume. (:


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Just awesome I hope for someday that they'll be a big group doing the Addams family ^_^

by Mothfox on Saturday, 14 September, 2013 - 10:06
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Awe morticia was my childhood hero, haha. Lovely cosplay :D

by Greenstar88 on Thursday, 19 September, 2013 - 18:50
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Ahh it's so great to see people cosplaying from this - you make an amazing Morticia!

by InfiniteJester on Monday, 7 October, 2013 - 22:05
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Love Morticia and you've MORE than done her justice! LOVE IT!

by sjbonnar on Sunday, 20 October, 2013 - 01:32

This brings back so many memories of watching this with the family, you look amazing as Mortica!! :D

by Shintana on Thursday, 24 October, 2013 - 08:58
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Aaah, thank you guys. (:

by Cavahn on Friday, 13 December, 2013 - 08:28

Looking great, love the make up

by g123 on Saturday, 14 December, 2013 - 12:20

You make the perfect Tish! :D <3

by Clockwork Fairy on Tuesday, 17 December, 2013 - 01:05
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awesome cosplay, love Addams Family and Tish is one of my favourites alongside Uncle Fester and Gomez.

by Namine on Thursday, 2 January, 2014 - 01:26
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Oh gosh, thanks guys. (:

by Cavahn on Sunday, 5 January, 2014 - 00:32
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Gorgeous test - wish to see full body photos! Love this movie :)

by Plasticsharkattack on Sunday, 20 April, 2014 - 11:48
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You make a lovely Morticia. Would love to see this costume in full!

by Kitri du Lac on Monday, 18 May, 2015 - 02:19