Costume :Poison Ivy
Variant :Comic book crossed with Batman & Robin
Source :Batman
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Poison Ivy and Freddy's gf.

Corset so far

The sewing of the leaves



The Corset


Ref for body

Ref for legs


Costume Information

Cost : £150 roughly
Time Taken : 5 hours

Poison Ivy costume for haloween night out, this is a really quick one... Decided to start it a couple of days ago and have 3 days to do the whole thing.


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To-Do List

Make all the leaves!HighIn Progress
Sew leaves onto corset and pantiesHighPlanned
Make pantiesHighPlanned
Embroider and add detail to tightsMediumPlanned
Sew lines of extra wig into proper wig to thicken upLowPlanned

Shopping List

Wigs - red X2£27.98Bought
Corset - green£51.00Bought
Various threads ribbons, beads and glitter glue etc.£25.60Bought
Tights - green£7.90Bought
Green fabric - indian silk£38.97Bought
Iron-on stiffener£6.30Bought


Leaf madness and wiggage! (Posted 25th October 2012)

Currently in the middle of the most time consuming part of the cosplay, leaves! They look better than I could have hoped, and the glitter looks really good on them!
I'm glad I splashed out on the fabric though, it makes a huge differance.
The wigs arrived today, and they're so purdy! Really nice deep red, and pretty long too. I'm going to leave altering the wigs until last, as there's not much time to do this and it wouldn't exactly be the end of the world if the wig was just out the box.

I'm really worried the corset wont arrive in time, if it's not here tomorrow then I'm fooked for Saturday (where the plan was to win £200 and therefore pay for the costume).

Not only that, but I'm also introducing two friends to cosplay at the same time, so while doing my own thing I'm pretty busy playing teacher/director for a Bane cosplay and fem-Freddy Krueger. Also helping my partner with his Vega Street Fighter cosplay, there's not enough time in the world!