Costume :March Hare/Thackery
Variant :Fem!
Source :Mad T Party
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Fem!Thackery Design~




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Because Mad T Party has taken over my life~
I love March Hare, but I wanted to do a girlier version? I dunno I'd suck at pulling off a guy T-T'


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Wow - This is going to look amazing, I just love your design! I fell in love with the Mad T costumes on sight; I'd love to try Alice out someday :3
Looking forward to seeing this! :D

by CaptainAmelia on Friday, 9 November, 2012 - 21:22


March Hare Ears WIP (Posted 15th January 2013)

Started work on my ears today~ I still need to add the coloured longer wefts of hair to them, and figure out a way to attach them to the wig~
Haha I hate sewing Fur T_T it's everywhere!

Tattoo sleeve~ (Posted 14th November 2012)

Oh gosh getting hold of the same design of tattoo sleeve for this was a mission! And I probably wouldn't have ended up being able to grab this without Darkshine's help, so many thanks to her and her amazing finding skills!

Hair Bow~ (Posted 9th November 2012)

Made my hairbow headband~
Not sure if i should add some longer fabric down one of the sides ,since Thackary has those long pieces of fabric coming off his bandana, i'll do a test and see how it looks~

I made this out of some Blue/Purple taffetta fabric, hand coloured the black pattern parts and added the rhinestones~!

Leggings~ (Posted 21st October 2012)

And grabbed some teal and black striped leggings too~! I'll be using the black denim ruffle skirt I made for my female!Eleven costume along with this.

Wig~! (Posted 21st October 2012)

My first Arda wig! It's so nice, and has a rally nice mix of green,teal and black!
I might cut it a little, and style the fringe, and add some pink and purple wefts into it~