Costume :Lady Sif
Source :Thor (2011 film)
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Random ref

Random ref



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To-Do List

Make Arm Warmer/ArmorHighPlanned
Make SkirtHighPlanned
Make ArmorHighPlanned
Get ugly dress from good will or Buy fabricHighPlanned
Dye Hair Black or Style wigMediumPlanned
Get a wig (if I can't get the dye)LowComplete
Get hair dye (if not a wig)LowPlanned

Shopping List

Black Legging/Tights£0.00Bought
Chain mail vest£49.96To Buy
Fabric for Skirt and arm armor (or scavenged from old clothing)£14.97To Buy


Before thoughts (Posted 20th October 2012)

For October 31rst 2013. perhaps I'll do it for halloween (I hope to). My Bro Tav said I should cosplay Lady Sif. So I plan to take on the challenge. In High School or 8th grade I might go with Tav to Kumoricon or Sakuracon.