Costume :Lobo
Variant :No
Source :Dc Universe
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

Costume Photos

Lobo Costume MCM Expo

Lobo Costume MCM Expo

Lobo Costume MCM Expo

Lobo Costume MCM Expo

Lobo Costume MCM Expo

Lobo Costume MCM Expo

Lobo Costume Unfinished 6

Lobo Costume Unfinished 5

Lobo Costume Unfinished 4

Lobo Costume Unfinished 3

Lobo Costume Unfinished 2

Lobo Costume Unfinished 1


Costume Information

Cost : £60/ish
Awards : No
Time Taken : 3 Weeks/ish

I received an invitation to a Superhero Themed 30th Birthday Party and decided The Main Man was the only way to go. I then decided that I would attend my first Cos-playing event which is going to be the London MCM Expo 2012. So far I have made the muscle suit out of foam an old T-shirt, tights and spray paint. I have made myself some shin pads/knee pads that fit Lobo's character. I have purchased a dread-lock wig, leather trousers, contact lenses, goggles and boots. Tonight I have made myself a fat cigar. I have made a space gun and holster. I have just got to do some more painting and make his signature chain and hook combo. I have 100% loved making all the bits I have and sourcing all the rest of the costume. It has been so awesome :) Can't wait for Comic Con :) :)

Been to Comic Con and just got back so am now updating the finished costume pictures.


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hell yeah man, Lobo is a brilliant character, I look forward to seeing this

by nanahara on Saturday, 20 October, 2012 - 10:09
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Progress is looking awesome :) look forward to seeing this complete :)

by gaming_goddess on Monday, 22 October, 2012 - 05:57
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Hooray :) I can comment back my initial 72 hours are up. Thanks for the encouragement I hope things turn out well. Well I've jumped in feet first and will be at the expo in London this w/end so no turning back lol #nervous excitement

by TwiztdBliss on Monday, 22 October, 2012 - 23:33
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hay! was great meeting you at oct, just wanted to make sure you found the pics alright;
hope to see you around at future cons!

by PaperTiger on Monday, 8 April, 2013 - 20:40