Costume :Jade Harley
Variant :God Tier/Witch of Space
Source :Homestuck
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Winter Memorabilia 2012

Costume Photos

Symbol Top


Hood and Glasses


Costume Information

Cost : £20+
Awards : No
Time Taken : A week or so

I really love the Witch God-tier outfit and Jade is my favourite Beta kid, so of course I decided I would cosplay Witch of Space. I also thought the costume was something I could easily achieve and hopefully would look good. I'm hoping I'll meet some other Homestucks at the NEC too :) I would say the hardest part, was definitely the hood as you would expect. It was hard to work out how to cut my fabric and where to sew it. I looked up a few tutorials but I couldn't understand them so in the end I had to go with my initiative and work out a way, even if it came out a little short. It's a lovely costume though and although some problems came out, it's okay for my first attempt~


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