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Thumbelina has been one of my favourite non-Disney animated movies since I was a little girl, and after a few re-watches and receiving the DVD for Christmas one year, I decided that this would be a cosplay I'd work on in my spare time. When a non-Disney Princess group was suggested, I was more than happy to join in!

The first thing I purchased for this cosplay were the shoes - I usually have terrible trouble finding suitable shoes in my size (I have big feet), but I found a pair that I was happy with on eBay. I unfortunately had to deal with a nasty and very rude seller in the process, but I was happy with them when they finally arrived.

The shirt is made out of white viscose jersey - I'm not entirely sure why I picked this fabric, because I hate sewing it and I had to double it up so that it wouldn't be see-through. Fortunately, it's nice and cool to wear, so that sort of makes up for it. The sleeves are stuffed with toy stuffing.

I made the corset out of a mint green gabardine although it's nice to wear, I hate sewing it. I matched the fabric colour to my shoes, and got my brother to install eyelets in the back for me.

The skirt is made from pale blue bi-stretch, and is probably one of the biggest skirts I've ever made. I hand-sewed it because I felt like doing something I don't really do enough with my costumes, and it was actually really relaxing to sew something by hand for once.

The forget-me-nots, wig and hair flowers are borrowed from Sisceal's own Thumbelina cosplay (thank you! <3) and the hairband is one that I covered in the same mint gabardine that I used for the corset.

Overall, nice simple costume that is comfy to wear - yay!


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Gon' be the cutest <3

by TheStarlightFairy on Sunday, 11 August, 2013 - 01:02

Can't wait for Photos!

by Clockwork Fairy on Tuesday, 22 October, 2013 - 23:52

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Oh, the benefits of working at a fabric store... (Posted 1st February 2013)

I just scored all of the materials I need for my corset for a discounted price because I work at the fabric store where I bought them all C: Happy days!

Progress (Posted 20th October 2012)

The skirt has been sewn and I'm in the middle of hemming it at the moment - I've handsewn the entire thing because I felt like doing something I don't normally do with my costumes (I usually sew everything with my machine). Hopefully that'll be done soon.

The ever wonderful Sisceal has saved me several jobs for this costume too by saying I can borrow her wig, hair accessories and forget-me-nots that she made for her own Thumbelina costume :) Yay!