Costume :Shinku
Source :Rozen Maiden
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Do the thing!

Pose in triumph for the beast is tamed!

Wig Testing

Somewhat going somewhere.....


Costume Information

When I started out, this was the second cosplay I most wanted to do. I bought a pattern and fabric about two years ago but I could not figure out how to use it.

I've finally given up on not working on this costume, so I started! I'm not happy with my fabric choices anymore, since 2 years ago I had zero experience in anything crafty, but since I bought a huge amount of fabric, I am going with it.


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To-Do List

DressHighIn Progress
CapeletHighIn Progress
WigHighIn Progress
BloomersMediumIn Progress
BowsMediumIn Progress
Kun KunLowPlanned


Doonnnee!!!!???? (Posted 24th July 2016)

My goodness!! It can hardly be belived, but I have finished this cosplay!!!! 6 years after buying the fabric and staring and it with great intensity, I finished it and wore it to a con!!!!!
This was the first cosply ever wanted to do, and I feel accomplished that I finally fulfilled that dream!!!
I hate my past self's fabric choice though. And the wig. And that bonnet which haunted my dreams for a year, and turned out to be so simple after I made quite a few elaborate mockups.

The here..... (Posted 13th July 2015)

Okay. So my package just arrived....
Phew, heh, phew. I can't breathe.
And now with half a week to go, I've fallen behind on my cosplay because I'd given up all hope. So rush week is now upon me!
Good news though, my other cosplay is pretty close to being done. But which to work on......

At least this intervention pushed me to do a different cosplay. Otherwise, I never would have tried.

*Please be a wig worth the time I spent agonizing over*

Arggggggghhhhh!!!!! WHERE IS IT!!?? (Posted 11th July 2015)

So, less than a week until my local con, and I've progressed quite a bit on the costume.
But. My. Wig.
IT HASN'T ARRIVED YET!!!! I ordered it over two months ago, and I'm still waiting. So I'm pretty doubtful it'll turn up on time. I'm still working on the costume just in case it does. But I'm going to work on a smaller side cosplay for if it doesn't turn up.
I'd feel totally naked and out of place if I didn't cosplay.And I know I won't enjoy the con much if I can't.

Wiggle, wig (Posted 20th May 2015)

So I finally ordered a wig, for this costume. And thank goodness I am in a cosplaying mood at the moment, other wise I would have left it until the last minute again.

I spent two days pondering and staring at about 6 or so incredibly similar options, debating whether or not, it was a scam, if the price was decent, weighing up how much I would want to style it. In the end I bought one I hadn't even looked at, because I was spending way too much time worrying about it. Sure hope it'll be okay.