Costume :Misa Amane Pirate version
Variant :Death Pirate (ownn design)
Source :Death Note
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

nearly there

sword part 1


button braclet 2

button bracelet

reference design


Costume Information

This is my own design that I came up with after I watched a video on youtube. Unfortunately my design is not yet complete at the moment, but when it's done I will upload ASAP.

EDIT 24/1/13: been meaning to do this. I'm thinking of moving this to 'in progress' as I have a few things either bought or working on for this.


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To-Do List

Button braceltLowIn Progress

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Pirate hat£0.00To Buy
Belt£0.00To Buy
Stripped socks£0.00To Buy
fasteners for braclet£0.00To Buy


sword is done (Posted 8th April 2013)

I am happy that I have been able to finish my very first prop weapon :)
This would have been finished last week but I ran out of the spray paint that I needed for the actual blade of the sword, so I had to get some more at the weekend. And it is also stuck to the hilt and I am really happy with it.

progress (Posted 2nd April 2013)

Well I finally got a glue gun at the weekend and I was finally able to make some progress on the sword.
The day started with trying to figure out how to use the glue gun that I bought, then after that I began gluing the pieces together so that it was in one whole piece untill I started the paper mache that's when the glue that was keeping the sword and the hilt together weakened the strength of the glue and when I tried to fix it, it became 2 separate parts. :(
So after that I decided to stick them back together but only after I finished the paper mache and the painting. The white base coat is almost done I just have one side of the sword left to do which I will do tomorrow.

sword progress (Posted 21st February 2013)

The sword is nearly done, yay.
At the moment the only thing keeping the handle of the sword, the hand guard stuck to the blade is making tape as I don't have a glue gun or any glue strong enough to keep it all together, so until then I'm going to have to put this on hold.

Once it is all stuck together I'm planning a layer or 2 of paper mache to give a bit of extra strength ( hopefully) and to provide a smooth base for painting, but I do need some more white paint as I don't have much.

sword (Posted 19th February 2013)

This is the basic shape of the sword that I've made

progress (Posted 25th January 2013)

The chocker is one that I bought as it was exactly what I was looking for and it saved me the time of having to find all the pieces and making it. It did however have about 4 extra chains with beads on it, which i found to be too much so I took them off, but I have kept in case I ever need them in the future, or i decide to use them for this (not sure at the moment).

The bracelet is just made up of 2 strands of thin red ribbon I had laying around and some spare buttons aswell.
The bracelt is incomplete as I have to find a way doing it up, and I might change one of the buttons on the end as it doesn't match the pattern colour wise, the pattern is black and silver and one of the buttons (luckily it's an end one and not in the middle) is more of a tortise shell in colour. So I might have to go through my room and see what I've got to replace it, if I've got bupkis it's a trip to the shops, and hopefully at the same time I can find something to fasten the bracelet with.