Costume :Corpse Bride (Emily)
Source :Corpse Bride
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Midlands MCM Expo 2013

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Corpse Bride 3

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Costume Information

Cost : £45.00
Awards : I got a bottle of champagne at a Halloween party for best costume
Time Taken : 7 hours

I put together a dress from a white corset and skirt I found on eBay. The result is a lot shorter than the bride's real dress, but I can't really be trailing a long train behind me (for safety reasons). Put together a veil and customised my mother's own shoes and headddress that she wore on her wedding day (she didn't mind). LOOOOOOADS of blue hair spray.

I created the look of a skeletal arm and leg with a pair of skeleton tights. Doesn't look very realistic but it was the cheapest option.

The body paint looked OK. I only had a few problems with it. First, it unpeeled around my fingers and underarms very quickly. Second, it tightened on my face and made me look really wrinkly when I smiled; in fact, I had to avoid laughing in case my face buckled. Third, it itched like hell after a few hours. Turns out I'm allergic to the ammonia in the paint and can't wear it two days in a row. At least it had its moment in the sun!


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To-Do List

Collect body paint from post office delivery pointHighComplete
Try out body paint to make sure it worksMediumComplete
Put wedding dress togetherMediumComplete
Beg, borrow or steal wedding ringLowComplete

Shopping List

Blue body paint£10.90Bought
False eyelashes£2.99Bought
Eyeshadow and other makeup£9.50Bought
Blue hair spray x 2£4.00Bought