Costume :Charles Xavier
Variant :Flightsuit
Source :X-Men First Class
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

Costume Photos

New kneepads

X-Men Photoshoot 2

X-Men Photoshoot

MCM Oct '13

LFCC '13 01


Costume Information

Worn for:
LFCC July 2013
MCM October 2013


Intending to update and wear with my mutant bro to go and see/go to the premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past. And then I'll be wearing the updated one for MCM May 2014. At least that's the plan.


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Best Charles. <3

by redderz on Wednesday, 4 December, 2013 - 21:05
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Eee thank you <3

by GroovyGenes on Wednesday, 4 December, 2013 - 23:29
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Can't wait to see the updated costume at London MCM! Would love to have a photo with you as I'm going as Wolverine :D

by jessliekspie on Tuesday, 24 December, 2013 - 16:42
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I can't wait to update it and be there. By all means, I'd love to have a photo with you, I'm sure your Wolverine will look great! :)

by GroovyGenes on Wednesday, 25 December, 2013 - 16:28
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This cosplay is great! Really accurate and looks professional! Well done!

by Chibinoodle on Thursday, 27 March, 2014 - 23:47
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Thank you so much, that is such a compliment. You've made my day.

by GroovyGenes on Friday, 28 March, 2014 - 01:22

Shopping List

Yellow material£3.99Bought
Base trousers£7.99Bought
Base Jacket£3.00Bought
Material for elbows, knees and other details.£0.00Bought
Belts, Buckles and small accessories£0.00To Buy


Improved kneepads (Posted 27th March 2014)

So I've started my remake of the flightsuit, this time making the kneepads from strips of thin foam, which I've covered with pleather and then attached to the trousers. The photo attached shows the comparison between the old kneepad (left) and the new kneepad which at the point of the photo being taken I'd only pinned to the suit.

Plans (Posted 17th December 2013)

Going to be neatening this up before the next wear in May 2014. Hopefully re-doing the jacket, getting/making new (stronger) buckles and adding some of the details I missed/rushed.

MCM Oct '13 (Posted 30th October 2013)

Flightsuit was done in time with better straps, added buckles and thigh zips. Went down pretty well, only I broke all the buckles as they were made from cardboard so goal before the next wear is to make them stronger and update the jacket to be more accurate. Hopefully next time I wear it I will have an Erik too :)

Updated Jacket (Posted 24th October 2013)

In preparation for the Saturday of MCM, I've updated my flightsuit jacket. It now has buckles and thicker straps. Also the trousers have zips but I'm still in the process of adjusting the kneepads.

MCM October '13 (Posted 12th October 2013)

I enjoyed wearing my Charles flightsuit so much, so I'm giving it a re-wear. Hopefully making a few updates to the jacket, I was going to entirely re-do it but I don't think I'll have time alongside making Pietro. So I'm going to add the buckles, replace the straps with thicker ones and maybe attempt to edit the kneepads. All depends on time.

Making a start (Posted 17th June 2013)

Well I have made a vague sort of start on this. Bought the yellow material, started pinning up the trousers and got the footwear. Heading into town tomorrow to find something for the rest of the base, some gloves and some other material for the details. Over the next few days I need to get as much of this done as possible.