Costume :Terra Branford
Source :Final Fantasy VI
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Sprite reference.

Another reference.

Anthology Reference - this but with her green hair pretty much.


Costume Information

Always been in love with Terra's character design and I recently started a new file on FFVI which I've been playing on my PSP which sparked the idea of putting her on my planned list!

It's fairly hard to find her actual VI design after Dissidia but I'll be using the cut-scenes from the PS1 port for reference, along with the sprite and menu icon images for her.

I'll also be doing the green haired version as although in the PS1 added cut-scenes, and in the Amano artwork she's blonde, in the game sprite she has green hair, along with the second outfit in Dissidia and I think she looks better that way!


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