Costume :Aoyagi Ritsuka
Variant :Casual
Source :Loveless
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Aoyagi Reference


Costume Information

Cost : 150
Time Taken : 1 hour

I've been waiting to do this forever!

I accidentally bought purple contacts and fitted dental fangs years ago at a convention--and at Anime expo this past year, I finally bought some Nekomimi brain-wave activated ears! I colored the ear pads black, and am waiting for the brain-wave tails to be sold, so that I can have moving electronic ears and a tail!

The hardest part is going to be shelling out the cash for the tail.


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To-Do List

Buy black cat-ear covers for my NekomimisHighIn Progress
Make mechanical black cat tailHighPlanned
Buy longer black wigHighPlanned
Buy purple shirtMediumComplete
Dye light blue jacketMediumIn Progress
Buy thin black turtle-neckLowComplete
Buy black pantsLowComplete
Dye black sneakersLowIn Progress
Buy massive amounts of eye-patches, bandages, and band-aids.LowPlanned