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'Silver-gold' wig.£11.00Bought
Cream tights - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Flat, blue pumps.£5.00Bought
Ring - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Gold spraypaint.£2.35Bought
Thin plastic for belt.£2.60Bought
Brown eyeshadow - Paid for with Boots points!£0.00Bought
Clay and chain for tooth necklace.£0.00To Buy
Fabric paint to add pattern to tunic.£0.00To Buy
Elastic for skirt waistband?£0.00To Buy
White/cream pleated fabric for skirt.£0.00To Buy
Brown paint for tooth necklace.£0.00To Buy
Blue fabric for tunic.£0.00To Buy
Cord to lace up belt.£0.00To Buy
Blue fabric for cloak.£0.00To Buy