Costume :Nami
Variant :Buggy Arc
Source :One Piece
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Nami and Buggy :3


Why isn't OUR ship in a museum?!

Finished skirt!

Finished shirt


Costume Information

Cost : Will be around £35ish when wig is got.
Time Taken : A couple of hours

For a Valentine's Day cosplay meet-up. It's short notice, and all my boyfriend has to hand is a Sanji costume. One Piece fails abysmally at romance, so we decided that Sanji fancying Nami was close enough to make it a paired cosplay, even if she does reject him permanently.

All done, just needs some embroidering stitching around the circles to hold the fraying in, and I'll buy a wig.


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yay Nami :)
it looks amazing so far great job.

and thankies for the comment on my Luffy x

by JoeDLuffy on Wednesday, 28 January, 2009 - 23:23
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Oo very nice :) It's good to see more One Piece cosplayers!

by AmethystEyes on Monday, 13 April, 2009 - 18:43

To-Do List

Buy material, make skirt.HighComplete
Buy brown bootsHighComplete
Sew blue stripes onto t-shirtHighComplete
Buy white v-neck t-shirtHighComplete
Repair skirtHighComplete
Buy wigLowComplete
Order tattoo paperLowComplete


Da-da-da-DAAAA! All done 8D (Posted 11th April 2009)

Just finished all this, now will go grab a couple of hours sleep for the cosplay meet tomorrow. Can't have bags under my eyes for my Sanji :3 Have added side-panels into the skirt to make it more roomy and ride up less, and remade the circles, out of material instead of transfer-printed, so they're not frayed and won't rip. The wig is styled, the shoes are suitably bashed-up and piratey after being worn everywhere for 2 months. Will repair the little rip in my bag in the morning, and try and get lotsa photos tomorrow :3 Am looking starting a new Nami costume sometime. I'm gonna knock together a lot of her t-shirts that she wears with this same skirt, but for a bigger change, I'm thinking about making her ripped Arabasta costume, as I like costumes to be a bit more action-packed!

Basically finished =D (Posted 18th February 2009)

Will get a picture sometime soon. For some reason I didn't get any pictures at all with my Sanji.... hmm. Might try and get some tomorrow morning before he goes back to uni.

I just left my hair as it was for time/money reasons, but I've got a couple of nice wigs to choose from now, and I'll make sure I get one before this gets fine-tuned for the cosplay party.

Going well! (Posted 19th January 2009)

The t-shirt's underway. Since I just need this as a cheap and cheerful costume, I'm making it from a white v-neck from Primark, and a dark blue long-sleeved top which I'm butchering, also from Primark. I was going to use blue polycotton for the stripes originally, but realised that that would just take effort to argue with the stretchy t-shirt, and annoying drama would be had. Also, I picked up some great boots for £15 (hooray for primark again!) which, besides being great, and easily folded down to the size of Nami's, are the COMFIEST BOOTS I'VE EVER BOUGHT!!!! 8D