Costume :Operetta
Variant :High School
Source :Monster High
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Kitacon 2014

Costume Photos

Cosplay chess image by FoxyChan

Trial Run v2

Trial run

Wig arrival!

Operetta Ref


Costume Information


Recently got into the whole Monster High thing, so Cosplays are needed.
there are atleast 3 I wanna do and Operetta is one of them

From Monster High Wikipedia
"Operetta wears a purple and black houndstooth, sleeveless blouse with white buttons down the front. Over the blouse she wears a short white jacket with black spiderweb patterns around the arms and on the back, and short, puffy sleeves ending in keyboard print. The blouse also features a skullette button. She sports jeans that are rolled up to below her knees and feature red lining. Her belt is white with black musical notes print, a spiderweb-style buckle, and three black chains with musical note-shaped charms haning from it. Operetta's shoes are black and white with white shoelaces, a spiderweb pattern, and treble clef shaped black heels. She wears a white bracelet with a keyboard print on her right arm and a black dice ring on her right hand. Her earrings are different from each other; her left earring is the six-dotted side of a black die and her right earring is the five-dotted side of a white die on a string. Around her left eye she sports a black, translucent mask in the shape of a heart-themed musical note."


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Holy shmaow, I LOVE Monster High dolls! I can't wait to see progress photos~

by sarmander on Thursday, 6 September, 2012 - 21:12
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Yes! Operetta is my fave! cant wait to see!

by Captain_Marvelous on Saturday, 8 September, 2012 - 19:19
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rockibil hair :~)

by FlyingMammal on Wednesday, 19 September, 2012 - 10:01
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Hooray for another MH Fan! Love Operetta, can't wait to see progress

by Fables on Saturday, 6 October, 2012 - 14:57
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Awesome work on that jacket, wow :D Love to see this at Ayacon!

by DarkShine Cosplay on Monday, 24 June, 2013 - 17:38
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This is looking great! :) Can't wait to see the finished result, I love MH <3

by Luminescence on Monday, 1 July, 2013 - 20:09

To-Do List

Houndstooth print topHighComplete
Knee length trousersHighComplete
ShoesHighIn Progress
WigHighIn Progress
Spider Web Belt BuckleMediumComplete
Heart-Music Note Half-MaskMediumIn Progress
Music Stave BeltLowComplete
Piano BraceletLowComplete
Dice EarringsLowComplete
Dice RingLowComplete
Chains from her jeans + Music notesLowComplete
Music arm and face decorationLowIn Progress
Guitar BagLowPlanned


Bringing her back (Posted 3rd December 2013)

After the fail at Ayacon
I've decided to get me Butt into gear and get Operetta finished up and perfected for Kitacon!

Failures on my part (Posted 11th August 2013)

Ok, so no Guitar bag
and No awesome heels :\

Both fails on my part
I've had the shoes so long, and got tunnel vision on making them out of wood
that wouldn't work
So we've not got enough time now to do anything else
but next time I wear Operetta, I'll have her heels.
We're going to get them made out of plastic
The ones I have are being painted, so hopefully that'll all go well.
then I can just glue the heel on afterwards when we get it
Very sad I couldn't get her heels done in time :9
but like I said, fail on my part

Ok, I just want to show you this (Posted 24th July 2013)

I drew out a template for Operetta's bag last night
I'm so damn proud of it

Dad's gonna help me make it(which means he's gonna do it all 'cos he gets like that)

Guess Who's in COSPLAY CHESS! (Posted 1st July 2013)

I'm in cosplay chess!
As Operetta! :D
I'm a Bishop :D

yes, Apart from that givin' me a kick up the backside to get Operetta's wig, eyemask and shoes finished, I'm really excited about it :D

Also, I need to dye Operetta's wig...
I've got loads of black Sharpies
but they're not sticking to the wig like I'd like... 'cos I read the tutorial wrong...
I need rubbing Alcohol, apparently.
and I don't know what the English Equivalent of that is.

Any help from you guys on how to Dye the correct parts of my wig, black?

I don't think I ever showed you guys my Makeup Trial (Posted 25th June 2013)

Here it is :D
Tested out the scarring liquid I bought and it's pretty good
Didn't layer it up enough in the trial run though, but at Ayacon, It's getting layered up much more so it really shows scarring :D

Oh, and of course, I'll be blending the scar colour too, not so.... drawn on xD

Also, I don't do makeup very often so... can you tell? lol
Looks like I've been punched in the eyes xD

Epic Progress! :D (Posted 11th June 2013)

Operetta's Jacket is 90% done!
Just need to do the piano trim on the sleeves and attach the Skullette pin and it's complete! :D

As Operetta's shoes hurt my feet... (Posted 1st June 2013)

I'm thinking of doing an evening Operetta in her Dot Dead Gorgeous or Picture Day outfit, Maybe even the Dance Class...

Just something for me to take a break from those shoes for the evening.
Which dress should I do? 'cos I'm torn

Getting there :D (Posted 29th May 2013)

I'm feeling really proud of myself.

The Scar stuff should arrive tomorrow or friday, then i can test that out
Her Jacket is almost done, her collar is now all black, I just need to paint the underside and add the spiderwebs and piano patterns, then that's all sorted
The monster High Skullette button is all done too, just need to work out how to attach that.
The Jeans are done
Wig is going to be finished this weekend, if my wig head arrives in time xD
Makeup will hopefully be bought soon, tomorrow if i'm lucky
The chains from her jeans are almost complete too
Got the belt, just need to sort the buckle.
And it sounds like her top has arrived at my boyfriend's house
My boyfriend's dad is also, hopefully going to help with her shoes and bag
then that's everything

i'm rather pleased with myself :D

Operetta is really coming together :D

Oh my god I just bought the stuff to do her scars! (Posted 25th May 2013)


UPDATE! (Posted 20th May 2013)

She may well make an Appearance at Ayacon now.

I'm storming ahead :D

I've got her jacket almost done, that just needs painting and spider webbing
Her shoes, are still awaiting the heel modification, so fingers crossed there.
Her Jeans are done. I chopped up an old pair I don't wear anymore and just Ironed the cuffs into them. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.
I've won a top to attempt to turn into her houndstooth blouse, so fingers crossed it works, otherwise I've gotta drop £30 on one that I'm not even sure will take the Dye...
The Wig is in the planning stages, talking over with my BF about how's best to go about it. I'm thinking Sharpie dye the black bits in... Leave the rollers in the hair if possible.and tuck the wig under itself. gets rid of the edges of the wig when I pull her bangs back.
I've decided I'm going to do her False Bangs (the big one on her forehead) as well as her victory Rolls. Just the more I look at her (and draw her) the more she needs those victory rolls. If it fails, of course, I'll go back to just the false bangs.
The belt has been ordered, We're going to make a false belt buckle
I need to make the Skullette button for her Jacket out of Shrinkles (god I love shrinkles)
Then all that's left is her Jewellery. I've got her Piano bracelet, not the one I wanted, but close enough. If I find the one I wanted, I'mma snap it up, but this one works just as well
My Boyfriend (also known as the jewellery maker xD) is going to be helping me with her ring and earrings, and I may be getting my ears pierced soon too.
I've sorted how to do her face scars. My Mum's got a Trebble Cleff Dye Cutter for her crafting, which fits nicely on my face, I'm gonna get a purple eyeliner pencil and draw around that on my face, then use some Liquid collodion in several layers to create the indented scar.
Because of this, if I do do Operetta, she'll be on the Sunday, 'cos those Scars are gonna leave a mark and I don't want Cadence to be wanderin' around with Operetta's Scars! xD.
Her arm decoration is pretty much sorted, so all that's left to do is to get it all done!

Wish me luck! xD

Question for you guys (Posted 10th April 2013)

I'm torn over what to do for Operetta's face scarring

I'm tempted to try some sort of prosthetic to make an indented scar like the doll
but I'm thinking that's gonna be too hard
but drawing it on with pen or something means someone else is going to have to draw on me and the people I know aren't that good with a pen >>
and i'm an OCD perfectionist who will pick apart their Treble clef...

I'll go look into Prosthetics/liquid latex some more, and you guys give me ideas, yes? xD

I'm so excited to get Operetta finished

I finally have her! (Posted 5th April 2013)

Today Operetta arrived. I finally have a full, 3D reference for her! I can turn her around, and get all the little details that will make her awesome!

So excited for this cosplay I really am :D

Shoes, they are perfect (Posted 6th October 2012)

These shoes, they are perfect for operetta, a tiny bit small, but my boyfriend thinks they're ex display shoes, so one has been broken in slightly, so they should loosen up with wear.
Tell you one thing though, with these shoes, operetta is probably never going to a university convention xD

Piano bracelet (Posted 4th October 2012)

Sadly, the Piano bracelet I got off ebay appears to have gotten lost in the post :(
but my boyfriend bid on, and won, a set of base shoes for Operetta's heels, so hopefully things will get moving soon

Operetta Update (Posted 1st October 2012)

I have been watching Many-a-tutorial on how to do False bangs.
I've decided against the Victory rolls as I think It might be a bit too difficult on the sides of the wig.

Operetta's shoes (or thre basis for them) have been found (albeit a size 5 for a girl with size 5.5/6 feets... :S)
Have been ordered from Ebay
and will hopefully be started soon :D

Also, a deal has been made with my Boyfriend, if Operetta doesn't get fully finished for Fushicon (at the latest) He will wear a cosplay of my choice
And I have chosen
Diamond tiara from My Little Pony, Full fursuit >:D

So whenever Fushicon is, you'll either see Operetta, or in a following convention, Diamond tiara >:D

Now here's a Question (Posted 18th September 2012)

Do I do Operetta's hair with the Victory rolls at the side of her head as well as the quiff-fringe?
Or the Quiff-Fringe and pulled back rockabilly hair from the webisodes?

Difficuuult D:

Harder than I thought,,, (Posted 8th September 2012)

Operetta is proving harder than I first thought...

Ideas are flying on how to make her shoes, so hopefully they'll come together soon enough, watching a few pairs on ebay, but they're red, so it'll be a fair bit of work

Also, her Purple Houndstooth blouse is a pain to find too, I thought Houndstooth was a pretty popular pattern for clothing... apparently, not in purple... or shirts... Gah!

My boyfriend has an idea on how to do her heart-music note eyepatch, so that should be ok...

Her jeans will be the easiest part. Primark can't let me down here!

I'm getting closer with her jacket too, so that's good, and Her accessories will be constructed with the help of my boyfriend :D

If i have time, I'm going to attempt that coffin-guitar bag she has too.
and maybe invest in some lilac body paint. what do you think? or is that going a tad too far?

DETERMINED! (Posted 6th September 2012)

I am determined to get Operetta done, I really am.
I've decided to attempt to get her done for Gemucon, 'cos that's the next "big" con all my mates are going to, so, fingers crossed Operetta comes together.

I'm aiming to get myself an Operetta doll to use as a reference 'cos I think that'd make life so much easier, having a 3d model to reference from, rather than failing at finding pictures of her from a certain angle. (that, and I want an Operetta Monster High doll anyway >>)

Her shoes are going to be the hardest bit. I know that, which is why I'm getting on that first. Dad said he'll help me construct the Treble Clef heels, but finding a base shoe, that's high enough, with the right shoe pattern is proving a pain.
Keeping my eyes open though.

I'm also having difficulties with her jacket, but other than that, I'm pretty much sorted on how I'm gonna do the rest of her. for the most part anyway.

only other concern i have is getting her wig the right colours, gonna just go with a red wig and hope that I can suss it out when it arrives xD